Top 5 Skincare Trends to Try this Spring

Every season there seems to be a whole host of new products targeting different issues or a new technique hits the market promising to yield results. I personally love to try new skincare trends. I’m always excited to see what a product or a method has to offer. There are a number of trends surfacing now for spring. Here are the 5 spring skincare trends I’ll be trying.

Beauty Supplements

This has been a growing trend over the last year. Brands like HUM Nutrition and Moon Juice have made a name for themselves. Even more traditional beauty brands have ventured into the supplement arena like Caudalie and haircare giant OAUI. Vitamins help fill a gap where our nutrition might be failing us. About this time last year, I did my own Challenge with Jane Iredale. At a certain point, it didn’t matter how many serums or lotions I used if my body didn’t get what it needed. This is an area where you should do your research and consult your doctor or a nutritionist about what might be lacking in your current diet.

Fight Pollution

Skincare products have SPF to protect us from the harmful damage of the sun’s rays. What about the damage from pollution? With so many of us living in large cities, skincare companies are taking note and doing more to protect our skin from things we come into contact with on a regular basis including pollutants. This exposure can cause early signs of aging and pigmentation. Elizabeth Arden now even has an entire line, PREVAGE, to combat the skin-dulling effects of pollutants.


Skincare routines can feel overwhelming. How many products do you currently use? What if you could cut that in half? One big trend is less is more with products pulling double and even triple duty. With these multitasking products, you’ll be able to cut down on the number of products in your lineup and keep your routine simple. I think one of the major takeaways here with a more simplified routine is that it’s easier to stick with. We all know with skincare consistency is key.

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil & Hemp

The benefits of cannabis sativa seed oil and hemp are continuously being explored.  They’re used more and more in mainstream skincare. These products help reduce redness, calm the skin, and contain antioxidant properties to help reduce inflammation. These ingredients are combined with traditional skin care ingredients like argan oil, retinoids, and vitamin E to deliver powerful results.


One size doesn’t fit all and skincare is one of those scenarios. Major brands now offer customized formulas for their products to suit your specific skincare needs. It takes the term combination skin to a whole new level. You no longer have to prioritize which concern matters most to you in your skincare regimen when your products are customized for you. Curology allows you to do everything and even offers a free trial. Kiehl’s offers in-store consultations with apothecary preparations for personalized skincare treatments at select locations. SkinCeuticals also offers custom serum formulas at numerous locations designed to last for 3 months before your skin is reevaluated along with your formula.

Which trend are you looking forward to trying?

xo, Olivia


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