Detailed Review of the Dyson Corrale Straightener

As you may recall, late last year, I had the opportunity to visit the Dyson Headquarters in the UK with the Dyson team. It was a quick trip, but I got the chance to tour the campus and get a first glance at the Dyson Corrale! The Corrale is the first ever cordless hair straightener. As promised, I have created this post specifically to share all of the features and functionality. I’ve used just about every Dyson hair product that has come to market, so I’m well versed on the technology that they use to create their products. You can also read my previous review of the Dyson Airwrap here.

Welcome to the Dyson Corrale hair straightener!

This straightener was made with your hair health top of mind. My most frequently ask question is how I keep my hair healthy while using so many styling tools. The number one reason.. I use Dyson hair products. Yes, they do use heat, however, it’s not nearly as harsh and damaging as other hair tools on the market. For example, the Dyson Corrale has manganese copper alloy plates that flex to create the same style we are use to but with much  less heat and less damage to your hair. I don’t want you to think that I am saying this is the only product you should use. I have simply found that for me, Dyson has been far and away the best for my hair.

Temperature Settings

The Dyson Corrale has three temperature settings: 330oF, 365oF and 410oF.  What’s great about the technology of the tool is that the sensor system in the straighter helps to regulate the temperature of the plates 100 times a second, so you never exceed your set temperature. This is so important to keep from damaging your hair.


The straightener is powered by a 4-cell lithium-ion battery. You can use the straighter up to 30 minutes cord-free. It takes 70 minutes to fully charge the straightener. If you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to charge the straighter, simply attach the cord to the straightener. I’ve watched a few YouTube reviews and this feature is often not mentioned. Not sure why as it’s super convenient. Plus, it allows you to multitask, which is amazing. If you typically take longer than 30 minutes to straighten, no problem, attach the cord from the charging dock. Super simple! Wanted to make sure to share this feature because at least for me, it’s a game changer.

Flexible Plates

The plates are made from manganese copper alloy, which is a softer metal and helps with heat conduction. In less words.. negating the damage to our hair. The flexing plates also fit around our hair when straightening. Why is this important? Traditional straighteners have solid plates that don’t shape around the hair to evenly distribute heat. This typically leads us to clamp down harder on our hair to infuse more heat. This in turn creates more damage. The flexible plates in the Corrale allow for the plates to flex with your hair, evenly distributing heat, without using excessive pressure and consistently passes the straightener through your hair. This gives you the ability to have more control and even application.

The flexing plates are precision machined to the width of a human hair with 15 micro-hinged segments on each plate. They can flex and adapt to your specific hair, controlling it throughout the styling process. They specifically chose the manganese copper alloy for its strength, flexibility and thermal conduction. It may not seem like that big of a deal but it is. You feel the difference.

Airplane Mode

Bonus! With the lithium-ion batteries, Dyson Scientists have also created an airplane mode for the straightener. You can pull out this little tab, which detaches the batteries from the internal workings. This is all done within the straightener. Simply role it up in the case and you’re ready to go!

Before & After

In London, I had the opportunity to use the Corrale for the first time. I was immediately impressed with the results. Not only for its ability to straighten my hair, but also to create curls. This post doesn’t go into the curling aspect but it’s absolutely a video I will be producing in the near future. Love that it’s so simple to use and the fact it’s cordless, makes it even better. This allows me to do my hair anywhere in the apartment if I want. This is a huge game changer for me as a busy mom.

The Dyson Corrale retails for $499. I know people gasp when they hear the number. It’s not cheap but remember, this is very much a luxury product. Dyson isn’t necessarily competing with the straightener at the drug store. Can you go without it? Of course. However, as someone who owns several hair straighteners, I can assure you that you get what you pay for with these products. If you want to invest in a tool that’s with you for the long haul, you will absolutely love the results. No more breakage and damage to your hair. Let me know what questions you have and would love to hear your thoughts if you have the opportunity to try it out for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

xo, Olivia

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  1. Patricia M Younger Cocca wrote:

    How long did you have the flat iron, or did you just use it once?

    Posted 6.22.22 · Reply
  2. Joanne Cavan wrote:

    The flight tag is a major design flaw in my experience. I so really want to like this straightener, but the tag doesn’t firmly seat and the device constantly slips into flight mode and turns off and then you spend minutes fussing with it. It’s just a really bad experience and creates a lot of frustration.

    For that alone, I would never recommend this.

    Posted 7.17.22 · Reply

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