Comfortable Shoes for Your Commute

One of the worst parts about living and working in New York is the commute, especially when you are working in an office where heels might be an expectation. For most, it’s essential to carry a pair of comfortable shoes for your commute with you so you don’t destroy your feet walking in heels for too long. I also find them great to have with me when I am running to meetings or out to grab lunch. I love that all these shoes below work not only as commuter shoes but also as a great fashionable option for when I am running around the city on the weekends with my family. Check them out!


Sneakers are the perfect commuter shoe and feel great to change into after a day in heels.


Flats are a step up from sneakers but include the comfort factor that sneakers have. I have these red moccasins in white and I carry them with me everywhere!

Mini Heels:


Short heels are for those of you who are trying to cut down your commuter bag and don’t want to carry an extra pair of shoes with you. These shoes are perfect because they’re comfortable to walk in but will look great at work too!

What type of comfortable shoes do you prefer to wear on your commute?

xoxo, Olivia


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  1. I love how far flats have come! My personal favorite is the mini heel so I don’t have to bring a section pair with me to the office. Currently, I’m on the hunt for a white pair!


    Posted 6.18.19 · Reply

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