My Small Commuter Bag Essentials

Hey guys! Adelina here. To all my metro commuters who take the train, it can be a struggle making sure you have everything you need! When you pack a large bag, sometimes your shoulders hurt, your bags are too big to transition into a night bag, you take up too much space in the subway etc.
This summer I committed to putting away my tote and trying to carry only the things I NEED. It’s not the easiest thing because when I’ve carried a small bag before, I always felt like I didn’t have everything I needed. Here are my essentials for my small, everyday, work bag:


Fresh Lip Balm

This lip balm smells like a lemon bar cake and is perfect for summer. It’s super hydrating, I use it all day under my lip colors and on most days, on its own. It’s flat and compact so it fits nicely in any size purse.

Apple Airpods with Airpods Case

My AirPods have become my lifeline, I need them for calls and I use them for music to and from work. I also love accessorizing my tech. This cute AirPod case that looks like a perfume bottle is such a conversation starter!

LV Key Pouch

My Louie key pouch is a classic. It was gifted to me by my boyfriend for Christmas since he knew I was trying to downsize my bags. It holds on all my keys and cards nicely and it fits in almost any going out bag. It is also a great piece on its own when I am in a rush and need to grab my wallet quickly when running out of office.

Sephora Coconut Water Exfoliating Wipes

Skincare is so important to me and even when I am not wearing makeup, I love cleaning my face throughout the day. When I am wearing makeup, I love to use these on my commute home to keep my face fresh and clean. These wipes have dual sides, one is the equivalent to a face scrub and the other is soft and refreshing. They are great for on the go skincare!

Face Spray

Staying hydrated and refreshed is so important, between meetings or for a little pick me up during the work day. When I don’t feel like using one of my face wipes, Evian face spray is my go to. It keeps me feeling fresh and comes in a travel size that is perfect for your commuter bag.

Tic Tacs

Tic Tacs have been around forever but they are the best, small packaging, quick breath freshener. I love that they come in different flavors so I can switch it up week to week!

Laura Mercier Travel Size TSLP

Oily skin is different than dewy skin, I always have my Laura Mercier TSLP with me to remove the shine but still keep the moisture. I love using it with my Evian face spray.
If you’re looking for a bag, check out this post with options for every budget.
What essentials do you pack in your small, work bag? Let me know!
xoxo, Adelina

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