How I Get Around NYC with FitFlop

I’m known for running around NYC in heels. I’m always on the go whether it’s to pick up Sebastian, grab a couple pieces for the wardrobe or to meet up with a client. I want to look my best and shoes(particularly heels) have always played a role in that image. I’d be lying if I said those heels haven’t done a number on my feet over the years. The shoes you wear can really make or break an outfit. Maybe it was my time working in corporate or maybe I love the extra height but I’ve always gravitated towards heels. However, in honor of February’s tradition of showcasing what’s to come in fashion, I’ve started experimenting more with other shoe styles.

The Lesson

I’m far from the first to pair casual shoes with more dressed up looks. In fact, there are tons of women who commute like this in the city every single day. There are style icons who make this look effortlessly chic. For me, I couldn’t just pick any shoe. I needed it to be something I would truly wear. Of course, if I am going to trade in my heels, the shoes better be really comfortable. After a few outfit experiments, I realized I could still look polished and put together with sneakers. Plus, it made city commuting a whole lot more enjoyable and they allow me to keep up with the little one.

Picking up Sebastian after a long day of meetings turned into an impromptu play date between the two of us. Agility and speed are key when dealing with a 2-year-old. Sharing these moments with him at this age are priceless.

The Shoe

Fashion is often divided into what’s stylish and what’s functional. Convenient often means boring. There are some brands out there that break these typical rules. These Airmesh sneakers by FitFlop combine style, comfort, and convenience. They’re available in 5 colors in a sleek modern slip-on design. The material is super lightweight and breathable. I can slip them on and be out the door. Plus, the look and I can, I just love. They offer a different, refreshing take on some of my favorite outfits. It’s actually been a great exercise and reminded me that fashion should be fun as well as functional.

About FitFlop

FitFlop started off with a single pair of sandals created by a mom with an entrepreneurial spirit in collaboration with two expert biomechanists. Twelve years and lots of growth, they now carry shoes for women and men. They believe making shoes should involve elements of fun, fearlessness, and functionality. Those are three things I can get behind.

Have you tried FitFlop yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!


xo, Olivia

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