what to bring on a business trip

What to bring on a business trip:

#1 Rule- Be a Minimalist! 
After taking a promotion at work and moving to New York, I knew
I’d be traveling a lot, but I didn’t know I’d be traveling once a week!  The first business trip is fun and every trip afterwards
can be uneventful.  What I’ve learned is
how to get to the airport the fastest, which flight to take and where to rent a
car.  So the logistic are great.  It also helps that to have Trip Case on your Smartphone.  If you travel and don’t have this app, DOWNLOAD
IT RIGHT NOW! It’s a life saver.  The app
consolidates all your itineraries into one location.  
Back to packing, here are a few essential things you’ll need
right off the bat; a small four wheeled suitcase (make the investment), a tote
that doubles as a purse and a travel mug. 
The Luggage: The
suitcase should be durable and light. I prefer to have pockets at the front so
I can throw my Lucky Magazine and In Style and don’t have to worry about them
making my purse heavier. You also want luggage that has four wheels.  It’s a lot easier to maneuver getting on and
off the plane.  The luggage should also be
as small and light as possible. Us women are typically shorter than and not as
strong as men.  So if you can’t pick it
up over your head…in heels, lighten your load. 
The Tote: I
typically bring a black leather tote.  It
works great to put all the necessary items. 
For example; flats, computer, note book, wallet, makeup, cell phone
charger and more lipstick. Make sure to go through your purse/tote before you
travel.  Try and take out all the unnecessary
items.  Typically I find old receipt,
lots of lip gloss, hair ties, and other odds and ends items.  When you change over bags, remove those
unwanted items.  It will make you feel
more organized and thus making traveling easier.  When you’re in a hurry and trying to get your
boarding pass and ID, the last thing you want in your way is a Nordstrom’s
receipt.  It’s frustrating.  
The Travel Mug:
It’s not glamorous, but it’s amazing. Most of us drink coffee or team. For
myself, I’m always taking an 8am flight out of New York.  So I need a cup of coffee while I’m getting
ready in the morning.  So I put the rest
of my coffee in my mug and enjoy it on the way to the airport.  When I get to the airport I dump the coffee
in the nearest trashcan.  Don’t worry,
everyone dumps liquids in there.  Then
you put your mug in your tote, go through security and head to the nearest
coffee joint.  The last thing you want
while you’re traveling is to have all your hands full. The travel mug allows
you to put the mug in your tote while you’re boarding the airplane, eating, and/or
talking on the phone. Please make sure it’s drip less.  I found a great one at bed bath and
beyond.  Don’t buy one with a handle, it
gets in the way.
Hope this helps with your business travel.  Us women always seem to have a few “extra”
things.  When you travel, try and pack and
bring as little as possible.  Remember….be
a minimalist!


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