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I am very excited to share my experience giving back to a few of my Pin Pals on Pinterest. In partnership with Marshalls, I got a chance to go shopping to create looks for some lucky followers of ours. As many of you know, my roots began in the Midwest and I spent many great days tagging along with my Mom to go shopping. One of our favorite spots was Marshalls! I’d walk alongside the cart with her in the store as she shopped for her favorite shoes, purses and dresses. We’d eventually make it over to the kid’s section and I’d be able to pick out whatever piece of clothing I wanted. It was like a kid in a candy store for me!

It wasn’t till I was in high school that I actually truly appreciated fashion and dressing up. Because, how many little kids truly care about planning outfits? With lots of practice from my mom, though, I knew exactly where I liked to spend my hard earned money from working at the local restaurants for extra shopping money. I remember saving up just to go shopping at Marshalls, because of I’d be able to get a lot more of what I wanted for less. I’d go up and down the aisle, especially the clearance aisle, looking through every piece after piece to find my favorite brand.  A couple of my favorites growing up were Steve Madden and BCBGeneration! Fast forward fifteen years and I still love going to Marshalls and finding finding hidden gems!

For today’s collaboration with Marshalls, I was on the hunt for the best pieces for my Pinterest Pals, or what we like to call… Pin Pals! As I scrolled through each of their Pinterest pages, I found one reoccurring theme, we had similar style. They each enjoyed home decor and workwear fashion. Picking out clothes for them was easy and fun as they will certainly(hopefully 🙂 ) enjoy the at their workplace and on the weekends!

Naturally, I started with the shoe selection at Marshalls. I stumbled upon a pair of Valentinos! Like I mentioned, similarly to Pinterest, you never know what you will find. That’s the best thing about going into the store, you tend to find things you wouldn’t expect and at half off what you would pay elsewhere. In the clearance aisle i was able to land two named brand heels that worked perfectly for my Pin Pals.

If you’ve ever been to through the coat selection at Marshalls, we can probably all agree that it’s one of the best places to buy outerwear. This is where we’d buy all our clothing when we were younger, so I knew the types of coats you can typically find in these aisles. They have gotten even better over the years. I spotted a vibrant wool coat and quickly raced the cart over to check it out. Super cute but I had to keep reminding myself that this trip was for my Pin Pals! Oops. I quickly returned to the clothing section where I picked up a colorful Ralph Lauren sweater, cute white knit sweater and an adorable stripe shift dress. Before heading upstairs to check out the purse selection, I discovered a hidden rack full of their new pieces. It just so happened to have a Cupcake & Cashmere sweater, which I picked up for myself! I finally gave into temptation. To complete my outfits, I found the perfect on-trend bag for one of my pinpals. At only $24.99, that was a steal and a great way to cap off the trip.

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At home, I got each of my Pin Pal’s outfits prepared and ready to send. Before packing up, I made to sure to snap a couple photos so you could see the selections. This was such a cool experience and I cannot wait for each of them to receive their package! I think(and hope) they’ll be pleasantly surprised. Mission accomplished!

Be sure to follow the Marshalls Pin Pals Pinterest board. You never know when you’ll find a #MarshallsSurprise!



xo, Olivia

Thank you Marshalls for sponsoring today’s post!


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