Professional Rainy Day Pieces

The spring here in NYC has brought lots and lots of rain so far. As much as we would all rather just stay dry inside, we need to get to where we need to go, especially to work. Dressing for the rain isn’t always the easiest thing to do but it’s not as hard as we tend to make it. Also, don’t forget to check out my tips for taming your hair on rainy days. Here are a few professional rainy day pieces I have been wearing so far this Spring for work when I need cover from the rain.

Rain Coats

This is your traditional defense against the rain. These are for those days when it’s really coming down and you start to second guess your plans for the day.

Trench Coats

Everyone should own at least one trench coat. It’s one of the wardrobe foundation pieces. It always looks polished and professional. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your’s though. One of my current favorites is a bold style.

Rain Boots

Not every shoe is created equal when it comes to navigating the wet streets in the city. You can go for more traditional rain boots or sleeker stylish options.


If you’re uncertain of where the day will take you, keep one handy. Don’t be afraid to invest in a quality umbrella. There’s nothing worse than being out in the rain and a gust of wind snaps your umbrella.

What are some of your professional rainy day essentials?

xo, Olivia


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