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Little fun road trips are something that we love to do as a family. We rent a car, round-up Sebastian and Batman, and we hit the road. They aren’t always far away destinations or even ones that we necessarily need a car for. In fact, most are right around the city or just a few hours away. One of our favorite trips is to head over to Dumbo. It’s not far away of course but it’s lots of fun. You can get there by car, subway, or the ferry from Manhattan.

On this particular trip, we still had a rental car from running errands the previous day so we decided to go over to Brooklyn for the morning and take some photos with Sebastian. Sebastian loves going over there. He watches the waves from the river splash up on the rocks and runs around the paths along the river. Unfortunately, we cut our trip short as it started to rain. Sebastian didn’t care too much as he would stay out in the rain all day if he could. Needless to say, rain doesn’t mix too well with our camera gear so we jumped back in the car and headed back to the city. Fall is officially upon us.

We had just gotten a new car seat for Sebastian. So it worked out perfectly that we were able to test it out right away with the rental car. Our next road trip isn’t until late November so this gave us an idea on whether or not it passed the Sebastian test… does he cry or does he settle in? We have had two previous car seats with mixed results. So we needed to find a new one. Our search led us to Maxi Cosi and we can already say that we made the right decision.

Maxi Cosi

If you are unfamiliar with Maxi Cosi, they produce top of the line car seats and strollers. We initially saw the brand on one of our previous trips to Amsterdam at a baby store. Quick fact; In 1984, they introduced the first baby car seat ever in Europe. Ever. How crazy is that? So, fast forward a few decades, and now we own a Maxi Cosi. The main reason, we decided to go with them is the fact that it grows with Sebastian all the way through his toddler years. It keeps your kid safe from 5lbs all the way up to 120lbs. We won’t have to buy another one again and we’ll be able to pass it down to our next child. It’s a huge benefit as it’s one less thing we won’t have to buy again.

Sebastian’s Seat

As you know, if you have been following along on Instagram, Sebastian has officially entered his toddler years and he is a full on ball of energy. So trying to get him to sit still is a task in and of itself. He wants to climb everything, touch everything, and run everywhere. Sebastian is getting big too and needs enough space to not feel locked in and cramped. The Magellan Max 5-in-1 car seat offers him plenty of space, comfort, and has little removable cups holders on the side to make him feel cozy while he watches his movies and plays his games.

The ultra soft, self-wicking fabric seat cover is removable and easily washable. It has a 7-position reclining system, 3 adjustable torso height positions and 14 headrest heights that automatically raises the harness to fit him perfectly. It’s so simple and intuitive to adjust and also possesses the Maxi Cosi patented Air Protect™ that is built into the headrest to cushion any impact. Perhaps the coolest feature is the ClipQuik’s auto-magnetic chest clip. We are able to open it quickly with just one hand—making it easy on Matt and me, but hard for Sebastian to unbuckle if he becomes anxious. It’s exceeded our expectations so far and has given us that extra peace of mind for our many road trips ahead.

Choosing a car seat is a big deal and safety is a huge factor. Maxi Cosi has it in spades. Now, all we have to worry about is where we are headed to next. We may not wait till November for our next adventure. I think apple picking might be in our near future. Let us know if you have any questions or have a Maxi Cosi yourself.  I’m always interested to learn from my fellow moms out there!

Thanks for reading!

xo, Olivia


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