New York City Travel Guide – What to do?

New York is often called the city that never sleeps. It’s such an appropriate nickname. No matter the time or place, there is always something to do. We have lived here five years and still aren’t even close to experiencing everything this city has to offer. As we continue our New York City Travel Guide, I wanted to share some of our favorite things to do here and what we always recommend for our guests that visit. There are so many things to do beyond this list, and even more that we don’t know about. Every day we see something new and our list of things to see and do continues to grow. New York City is pretty amazing like that. I’d also love to hear your recommendations as well!

Whitney Museum

Aside from the Natural History Museum, this is our favorite museum. We had a little snow day date here earlier in the year. It is a huge space and has an incredible outdoor space where you can take in the gorgeous skyline. They have a cute little bookstore in the lobby and two places to eat on premise. It’s a great way to spend an hour or two when on the west side.

Chelsea Market

Located in, you guessed it, Chelsea. It houses retail and pop-up shops as well as places to grab a quick bite or sit down for a meal. It’s just a really neat place to walk through and grab some food. Plus, you can get your food to go and head up to the High Line. Some of the best tacos in the city are located here at Los Tacos.

The Turf Club

This is another amazing spot to catch one of a kind views of New York City. The Turf Club is a rooftop situated on top of the William Vale Hotel hosting an all-day lawn party. It is well worth a trip over to Williamsburg, which is easy to get to from Manhattan. You will have access to 360-degree views of New York City with access to cocktails, snacks, lawn games, music, and beautiful sunsets. Not bad at all.

Boats in Central Park

If you want to do something romantic outside while you are here, this is it. It’s a very serene experience on the lake looking out overlooking Central Park. In the spring, it is absolutely beautiful with all the flowers in bloom. Get there early so you can avoid the crowds.

Rockefeller Center

This is the scene of so many movies over the years. It’s a gorgeous place to visit all year round. During the holidays it becomes a winter wonderland. There are skaters on the ice with the giant tree hanging above as thousands scramble around trying to get the perfect holiday picture. It’s truly a sight to behold. If you are looking to get a bird’s eye view of the city, you can’t beat the view you get of Central Park from the Top of the Rock!

Freedom Tower

It’s located in lower Manhattan at the rebuilt Work Trade Center Complex. Freedom Tower rises 1,792 ft (104 floors) above the city. The whole experience of going to the top, walking around, and learning about the construction is awe-inspiring and unlike any other experience you will have here. There is the Oculus close by as well to do some shopping and eat.

South Street – Seaport

Located in lower Manhattan it encompasses the old world charm of New York City. It has been recently updated and offers a great bar and dining experience. It sits on cobblestone streets where you can wander around, shop, and eat. Have a drink outside and people watch. It’s a place that pays tribute to old New York.

High Line

This, in my opinion, is one of the neatest places in all of Manhattan. It’s an elevated linear park on the west side just above Chelsea Market. It was once the New York Central Railroad. It has been completely transformed, keeping a lot of the old tracks in place. There isn’t a ton of green space on the island so this is an amazing place to sit down and just relax. Find a seat and enjoy! It’s a great spot for pictures. They have a bar along the trail and street food to enjoy as well.

Afternoon Tea at The Plaza

Remember Kevin McCallister in Home Alone? Everyone knows of The Plaza Hotel, the most famous hotel in New York City. It is a stunning place to visit even if it’s just to walk through the lobby. They have a great food court underground, which serves up amazing options. However, the thing to do is afternoon tea in The Palm Court. The ambiance, food, and drinks are so good! It reminded us of Sketch in London. It’s pricey but really fun!


Find time to go to a show. Dress up even if you don’t have to anymore. It’s just one of those things you have to experience at least once. A show with dinner and drinks afterward is the perfect night in New York City. Whether you go to the hottest show in town or a lesser-known show, it is worth it. It doesn’t get more New York than getting out of a yellow cab in front of the Palace Theatre and walking in to get your tickets.

Hope this gives you a good start to your next trip to New York City. Don’t forget to check my post on where to stay and how to get around. No matter what you are interested in and or what you like to do on vacation, there is something for everyone! If you live here, let us know your favorite spots that you always recommend to visitors.

Thanks for reading!

Olivia, xo


  1. Jennifer wrote:

    I’ve been to NYC twice and I agree that its a city that never sleeps! I definitely have to check those places out when I come back to NYC. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Wendy wrote:


    I love to be able to work in New York City. I’ll never stop being in awe with this beautiful city. Love your suggestions on this posts. I need to try an afternoon tea at the plaza as you recommend. It sounds great to visit this weekend. Thanks.


    Posted 9.14.18 · Reply
  3. Jandrew wrote:

    I try to get to NYC for the shows in the fall , I’m a huge Broadway fan . It seems that I my need to venture out a bit more . Great ideas thanks
    Dress The Part

    Posted 9.15.18 · Reply
  4. New York is one of my bucket list and Thank you for sharing best places to visit in New York.

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