The Must Have Bra and Underwear Set

Today we’re going to get personal and discuss the essentials. Some people think the wrong shoes or jewelry can ruin an outfit but the truth is what you put on before your clothes is way more important. Yes, your underwear can make or break your look. The best underwear sets should enhance and smooth without being seen. Soma has a number of great options but there are two that I swear by.

My favorite Bra and underwear

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My Favorite Bra

Once I had Sebastian my body changed. I realized how important a well-fitting bra really is. My old bras just no longer seemed to do the trick. However, I’m confident that this Vanishing Back Bra will do wonders for just about anyone. They have an entire collection including a wireless version. First things first, it’s really comfortable. It also smooths out your back. The bra doesn’t push up on your sides leaving your underarms nice and smooth. No more feeling self-conscious in all of those beautiful Spring dresses and tops. You just feel supported.

My Favorite Underwear

No one wants to see lines when they’re doing a final mirror check on their way out of the door. You won’t see any lines in the Vanishing Edge Underwear. Soma has an entire collection with different cuts and styles to accommodate any taste. So if you prefer bikini cut or briefs there’s an option for you. The underwear has these thin strips of silicone that make sure they stay in place. They won’t ride up or shift. These are also perfect to wear under summer whites. They’re undetectable. I even got one of my best friends hooked and she stocked up.

While these two are my go to from Soma they also have an incredible selection of other items including sleepwear and swimwear.

What feature do you value most in your undergarments?

xo, Olivia

ps. we shot these photos in dark lighting, but we use a flash and a lighting source to get bright photos. If you have any questions about our cameras, be sure to read this post.


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