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Hi Everyone! It’s Matt here. I know there has been a lot of questions about what equipment we use when we shoot content so I thought this would be good timing for this type of post. We tend to be simpletons when it comes to what we carry with us on a daily basis but we are beginning to expand our roster of equipment. I have linked all products at the end in case you want to check them out for yourself.

Shooting Outside

I take 99% of all of the photos taken both on the blog and on social media. Not sure that’s a good thing or bad thing. 🙂 There are times when I can’t be somewhere but typically it’s me. No matter where we go, whether we have a scheduled shoot or not, I have brought our Canon 5D Mark II. We have had this nearly since we moved to NYC from San Francisco. It’s so durable and reliable. I am a Canon guy, as all our cameras (outside of GoPro) and lenses are all from Canon. My favorite lens and the one I use almost daily is our Canon 35mm. It provides more range and I just really like it, particularly for outside shots, compared to our Canon 50mm or 85mm. While the Mark II is humming along, I am contemplating moving to the Mark IV for the wifi capabilities.

The Canon G7X comes with us as well. This is our video camera as well as our go-to when the Mark II might be a little cumbersome for the situation. I also throw our Jobi GorillaPod in my bag. We attach the G7x to it to shoot video and when we need to take an image with all of us, it comes in super handy because it can be attached to nearly everything. For all water shots, which isn’t often, I’ll use our GoPro. Since we don’t do a lot of action/adventure type work, it’s not typically suitable.

Shooting Inside

Inside shots can be shot either at our apartment, in the studio or out and about in the city. I always use our Speed-lite for flash when indoors, at least when we are home or in the studio. Indoors is typically the only time when I will use the 50mm and still it’s typically for up-close portrait type shots. When recording videos indoors, we use the Bonfoto high tripod. It’s sturdy and holds the Mark II with no issues. For beauty videos and when we need to fill in light, we will use the Diva Ring Light. It works fantastic as you can adjust the amount of light being used. Great for setting just behind the camera for video.

Editing Software

How we edit photos is pretty common to most bloggers, YouTubers, influencers, etc. For images, we use both Photoshop and Lightroom. When editing videos we use Adobe Premiere Pro.

List of Equipment

Thank you for reading and all your questions. I am more than happy to share more or answer any questions. We greatly appreciate you following along! Have a great day!

– Matt


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  1. Jandrew wrote:

    Great post . Very useful!
    Dress The Part

    Posted 1.19.18 · Reply
  2. Jackie wrote:

    I’d love to hear more about how you shoot indoors with the flash! My apartment doesn’t get much light so this is something I’ve been looking to get into. Thanks!!

    Posted 1.19.18 · Reply
  3. Jessica wrote:

    Great and helpful post!


    Posted 1.19.18 · Reply
  4. Lei wrote:

    Thanks Matt!! Very helpful information. Just ordered the Joby tripod!

    Posted 1.23.18 · Reply
  5. Cyran wrote:

    Hi Guys,

    Loved this post – I was wondering what equipment you used as I am just about to buy some lighting for my videos. It’s good to know that you guys use a ringlight! Really useful. It would be good to know how you guys learned to use the equipment, if there were any particular courses you took or resources on line that were good.
    Thanks so much for the share!

    Posted 1.25.18 · Reply

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