Week 4 – 30 Day Workplace Challenge Finding Your Voice

Can you believe we’re in our 4th week of the challenge? For those that might just be joining you can find week 1 here, week 2 here, and week 3 here. This week we’re going to focus on finding your voice. A lot of you have messaged me or made comments about having difficulty speaking up, especially in the workplace. It can be difficult navigating office politics and keeping your confidence levels high. The challenges this week will hopefully take you a little outside of your comfort zone. Afterall, growth is never easy or comfortable but it’s most definitely rewarding.

Day 20: Monday, January 22nd

It’s Monday, most likely you’ll have a Monday morning meeting.  For the meeting, I want you to sit at the head of the table or take a seat you wouldn’t normally take, perhaps next to your boss. Next, sit up straight (very straight) and engage in the morning chatter. Yea, I know it can be slightly annoying, but socialize with your team and be heard around the table.

Day 21: Tuesday, January 23rd

No matter where you work, there will be many instances throughout the day where you engage with colleagues/superiors about your work. Be confident and proactive about your approach. Try to minimize being reactive, which typically puts you on the defensive. It’s not always that simple but do your best to respond appropriately.

Day 22: Wednesday, January 24th

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Take out filler words, aka “like”, “well”, “what if”. Learn to be direct. You will save yourself time, energy and frustration when trying to make a point at the office. Plus, when being direct, there tends to be little room for confusion.

Day 23: Thursday, January 25th

You know that idea that you’ve had in your back pocket for a few weeks or even months, I want you to write it out and pitch it to your boss. Rehearse what you’re going to say, put time on their calendar and tell them your idea. It can be anything that you feel is valuable. Take a shot.

Day 24: Friday, January 26th

I’ve briefly touched on this one before but steer clear of the water cooler. I know it’s Friday, but it’s always a good reminder to not engage in gossip and unnecessary chatter while in the office. It’s easy to get sucked into it, but it’s important to clear your name of any negativity. Let your voice be heard loud and clear with doing your job. And doing it well.

Day 25: Saturday, January 27th

I saved an easy one to work on over the weekend. Minimize the word “sorry” in your daily vocabulary. For example, apologize if you miss your best friend’s birthday, but don’t apologize for speaking up at work. There’s a reason you’re speaking up. Be confident and bring value with your statement.

Day 26: Sunday, January 28th

It’s been a long month. We are all trying to get back into the groove after the holidays. Take some time for yourself to get refreshed. Treat yourself but before the day is done, go over what you want to accomplish and begin carving the path on how you will get there.

We’re just a few days away from the end of this challenge. It’s been amazing seeing all of the progress. Don’t forget to send me your stories about your experiences. I’d love to hear and share them.

xo, Olivia


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