You’ve Earned It. Go Get It!

Thank you to everyone who sent me the most amazing messages last night! 2017 sounds like it was a successful year for so many women. I wanted to share all the messages I received while giving other women a place to feel empowered and motivated. I also wanted to share a few quick and easy career tips for the next time you interview, you’re up for a promotion or it’s just time for a raise cause you’ve earned it!


Back up your worth as it’s hard to refute facts. Put together your accomplishments and make sure they’re measurable. Don’t play the compare game with your colleagues, make it all about you and your’s. One of Matt’s favorite quotes is “Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.” Don’t ever (ever!) be afraid to ask for something you feel you deserve.

Cut the Fluff

Just ask the question. Present your case. Stop talking and wait for a response. So many of us feel awkward in silence. Don’t. Let the person on the other side think and give you a response. When you are able to control silence, it shows confidence.

Practice. Practice. Practice!

I know this may sound ridiculous, but practice what you’re going to say. You never know what will happen in an interview or meeting that could throw you off. Be ready and prepared. If you are prepared, you have nothing to worry about. And practice with someone who’s a little more senior than you. The person will help you to perfect your pitch.

Again, nothing mind-blowing, but keep it simple. Don’t make it more difficult than it already is.

Below are quite a few of the responses I got yesterday. I felt so motivated! It’s super important to continue to share in each other’s successes and help mentor/coach other women in the workplace. If there’s one thing I could tell anyone, keep the gossip and cattiness at home. People take note. The ones you are going to be asking for that raise, you may not notice, but they pick up on that stuff. There’s truly no place for it at work. I’ll leave it at that, but you ladies know where I’m going with this.

There are a lot of stories here. Scroll slowly. 

ps. scroll to the bottom to hear what Matt use to tell me when I would ask for raises, promotions, etc.


These ladies were surprised by what was waiting for them on the other side!

These ladies are feeling extra motivated by my hair tutorial/information session.

One word. PROMOTIONS!!

YEP, same word here. Promotions!! Congrats, ladies.

These ladies had a little tougher roads to travel, but they got what they wanted in the end!








Thanks so much for reading everyone! Oh, one last thing about what Matt use to tell me when I was up for a promotion, raise, etc. He would tell me to leave no doubt as to why you deserved it. Provide the facts against your goals and it’s near impossible for them to shoot it down. Make them prove to you why you don’t deserve it. If you are confident, have the measurables and ask for it. Then you are making a case that is tough to deny. Good luck out there! Let me know if any questions popped up as you read through everyone’s comments. I would love to assist in any way. Have a great Thursday!


xo, Olivia


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  1. Eva wrote:

    I was happy I got this new job this year, got $15,000 more and when I saw my paycheck I was so disappointed to see my monthly income after taxes and insurance copay I ended ip basically with almost same amount as in my old job, shocking!hoping Ill get a tax return or something?

    Posted 12.21.17 · Reply

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