The Chunky Knit Sweater + Seasonal Trends

Living in the big world of fashion, there’s always the next trend, but not necessarily the money to spend on the latest design. As a long time fan of Zara, they’ve always made it possible for me to pick up a few pieces that I typically wouldn’t have purchased because of the price tag.

I certainly don’t think it’s necessary to change out your entire wardrobe with each new trend, but I do enjoy strategically placing a few items each season in my closet to make it feel updated and fresh. It’s a double edge sword in fashion in that it’s always changing.. do I get all these latest designs even though it will be out of style in a few months?

Currently these lace sweaters are really popular but were no where to be seen last year. Now, they’re being worn by celebrities and style influencers all over the world. Same holds true to frayed denim. A few years ago it was all about skinny jeans (still my favorite), now denim is one of the biggest trends in fashion right now. And we all know denim costs a few bucks. Places like Zara make it possible to grab a few ripped and cropped denim without feeling the guilt.

That has always been my way of thinking and even more so now that I’m pregnant. As much as I love my maternity jeans, I still love slipping on a trendy pair like the ones I’m wearing today from Zara. Standing a whopping 5’1″, there are not a ton of options when it comes to cropped maternity jeans. I’ve been lucky to partner with two great brands, here and here to share their latest maternity styles. However, to stay on trend, I do love these ripped denim. Each day my baby bump is growing and unfortunately, Zara does NOT have maternity jeans. Trust me, I looked. Instead, I went up two sizes, making these more comfortable when wearing. I figured after the baby, I’ll still be a few sizes up in my waist, so these won’t go to waist, at least for a few weeks. As for the sweater, this was a no brainer. A chunky knit sweater…sign me up! I’m wearing a size small. It’s oversized, but in the best possible way!

What is your favorite look this fall? Love to know what you are loving and what you are looking forward to this Winter. Happy Friday!!


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xo, Olivia



  1. Dana Mannarino wrote:

    I recently discovered how great Zara denim is too! These are awesome 🙂

    Pink Champagne Problems

    Posted 9.30.16 · Reply
  2. Lorena Lorena wrote:

    Fabulous sweater ! I picked up a pair of skinnies from Zara a few years ago and they are still going strong. High waisted, great fabric and the color has faded a bit but its only normal.

    Posted 9.30.16 · Reply
  3. You cannot beat a chunky knit for autumn! – Workwear & Lifestyle blog

    Posted 9.30.16 · Reply
  4. Emily wrote:

    Loving your look! Your sweater looks so comfy…and trendy! Totally hear you on the Zara front. It’s my go-to for trendy pieces that don’t break the bank. I love their jeans too 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

    Posted 9.30.16 · Reply
  5. all i want to do is curl up in that sweater! and i am so obsessed with denim trends this season!! hope you have a great weekend olivia!!


    Posted 9.30.16 · Reply

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