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I’ve teamed up with DermStore, once again, to share my experience with an at-home frizz eliminating system called TextureTame. Anyone who knows me, probably knows that I’m always trying to get my hair straight and soft. Someone with naturally curly hair, I’ve done everything from straightening my hair with an ironed to getting a chemical relaxer put in my hair (and then it fell out, it was a tragic experience in college).  I’ve done it all! After years of heat and color damage, my hair has lost a lot of shine and silkiness.
When the DermStore team reached out to me to try this brand-new product, I immediately said yes! I’m always interested in trying new products on my hair. After a few weeks of using the treatment I immediately noticed the difference in the amount of frizz and volume in my hair. Here’s a look at my hair before the treatment.
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Step 1: eliminate
The first step of this treatment takes 30 minutes to complete and only needs to be applied every 3 months. The locks in shine and smoothness.
how to: quickly apply ELIMINATE to clean, dry hair. Fully saturate each strand. Comb through for even distribution. Rinse well, lightly shampoo & towel dry. 
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Step 3: moisture lock
This takes 15 minutes and can be used weekly to keep hair strong and healthy.
how to: apply MOISTURE LOCK to towel-dried hair until saturated. Comb through, place cap over hair for 15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Lightly shampoo & towel dry. 
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Step 3: finish
This step can be used daily to wet or dry hair. This will help enhance smooth and shiny strands. It also helps against additional damage, especially for someone like myself who’s always using heating tools.
how to: apply teaspoon amount of FINISH to towel-dried hair. Comb through evenly. Blow dry and style as desired. Can also be applied to dry hair for added shine and silkiness. 


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Thank you DermStore and TextureTame for partnering on this collaboration!

Photos by Lydia Hudgens



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