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 Good morning everyone! I’ve been looking forward to this post. I’ve been collecting articles all week. Some didn’t make the cut, but I think you’ll enjoy the ones I’ve included in the roundup. 
Hope everyone has a good weekend. My weekend is filled with brunches, lunches and drinks with girlfriends. Oh yes…and a good friend needs to go shopping for work clothes, I jumped all over this opportunity! I’m finally going to put my “corporate catwalk” expertise to the work. Wish me good luck!
here’s what caught my eye in the fashion and business world…
  • If Dave Beckham’s collection from H&M wasn’t enough, he’s releasing a CHILDREN’S WEAR collection. 
  •  Great article about how Kate Upton dealt with NEGATIVE COMMENTS at the beginning of her career.
  •  While everyone was rounding up the best moments in 2013, BING took a new approach and  recognized the inspiring women of 2013.  
  • Couldn’t agree more with this article. The big secret to a successful career is HARD WORK. Throughout my career, the mos successful people in business always outwork everyone in office.
  •  Love this article, featuring a photos of Marissa Mayer, talking about tech women building their own NETWORK. It’s a long, but worth reading. 
  • Just because I think this is cool…Marriott opens tallest hotel in New York with a record high of 54.3 MILLION tourists in 2013. 

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