What I should have put on my Baby Registry as a City Mom

Today’s post is in partnership with Pampers. It’s all about what our top picks would be for a baby registry. Looking back on Sebastian’s first year, there were quite a few really great things that would be on our baby registry the next time around. We actually didn’t register for Sebastian so these were all things we ended up picking up over time. Our only request was for Pampers.

Keeping Things Organized

Sebastian has a very small room and we try and utilize every inch of it. Recently we purchased this bookcase from Ikea and used these canvas baskets from Pottery Barn Kids. We also bought this behind the door organizer for all his sheets, socks and winter accessories. It goes right behind his door, giving us extra storage without taking up any space. The bookrack was the most recent purchase and we love having it next to his bed. He grabs his little books when he wakes up in the morning. We love watching it on the monitor. It’s adorable.

We have a couple other storage pieces that aren’t in his room that have been great. This bathroom door organizer has been where we keep his bathtub toys and essentials. We got a couple more baskets so we store some of our stuff on the rack as well. Sebastian loves his bathtub and so do we. We can hang it on the shower frame so it’s perfect. In the living room, we use this storage case from Ikea to hold all of his toys. These baskets from the Container Store work great with the storage case. Just prior to this, we had been storing Sebastian’s toys in these bins. Probably the first piece of storage we had for Sebastian were these gorgeous baskets. We use them all over the house.

There are a few things I wish I would have asked for. As a new mom sometimes you just quite know exactly what you’ll need when your baby comes. I wish I would have asked for more washcloths and extra sheets. The noise machine has been great at bedtime and naps. His highchair folds up nice and neat in the corner of our kitchen. A humidifier would have been another great addition as well. I used my portable Medela breast pump a lot but would never have dreamed of putting it on our baby registry.

What We Really Needed

There were so many blankets and bibs that we received as gifts. Unfortunately, we only ended up using a few of them. As the for the bibs, we could’ve gotten away with just 10-15. We probably received 40-50 bibs. We loved the pack ‘n’ play but it wasn’t realistic for our space. It was just too big. The baby gate ended up being the better option to keep the little one contained. Plus, we childproofed the apartment so he was safe to roam around a bit.

One of the things we overlooked early on were warmers. Any type of warmer; bottle warmer, wipe warmer, etc. We warmed the bottles up with warm water. We don’t even own a microwave! While we were missing the warmers, we had plenty of bottles, too many. For sleep, his Snoo was a lifesaver. Fortunately, we had that at day one. He transitioned to his current bed (amazing by the way) when he was nine months old. It fits perfectly in his tiny little room and will grow with him and transform into his next couple of beds as well.

Since Day One

It has been an amazing year with Sebastian and we have developed quite the list of things we would have on a baby registry. Now, as amazing as all of those products are, there is one brand, one product, that has been with us since day one. That is our partner, Pampers! Sebastian has been wearing Pampers diapers ever since he was born and is now in his Pampers Cruisers. They are just the best. At night-time, we use the Pampers Baby Dry. We never have to worry about him waking up because of a wet diaper. It has been smooth sailing in the diaper department The wipes are great too!

What are some of the items you would put on a baby registry?

xo, Olivia

Thank you Pampers for sponsoring today’s post. 

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  1. Ratika Bhargava wrote:

    Love love love this post! I have a ten month old and am so glad I get to read about everything Sebastian has used and not used. The fact that he is a few months ahead of my boy and such helpful posts from you, makes me plan a lot better! Can’t tbank you enough for all the teeny tiny details that you’ve shared here. ❤️
    Here are a few things that I wish I had included on my registry –
    A couple more bath towels, bottle warmer, Baby food masher or a food mill, baby food storage containers, a food bag for sending to child care with the baby. And another very important thing is – clothes of sizes 6 months plus. I guess we could have managed in less than 5-6 bodysuits before our little one, Veer turned 6 months old, he started going through more clothes after so we feel there is no point having excess new born clothes, they really need more clothes when they start eating solids or going to child care.


    Posted 3.12.18 · Reply

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