5 Gorgeous Holiday Dresses under $100

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Can you believe the month of December is already here? It seems like yesterday I was enjoying the warm and sunny days in New York City.  Time really does fly as you get older.  I remember as a young girl, December was always my favorite month. This month represents so much in my eyes. For starters, it’s my birthday month, so naturally it holds a special place in my heart. Next, it’s that time of year that you create new memories with your loved ones. Then you have shopping for gifts, wrapping presents and holiday parties!With so many holiday parties and after work actives, in December I always seem to get the most use out of my closet. Each year I pick up a few holiday dresses to get me through the season. As most of you know from my blog post, I’m a big fan of wearing pieces on repeat. When I look at my closet and evaluate if something was a good buy, I calculate the total cost divided by total numbers of wears. For example, if I buy a pair of boots for $150 and I wear them 30 times, that’s $5 per wear. That’s a good purchase. However, if I purchase a dress for $150 that I only wear once, that’s a really bad purchase. Here are a few dresses that can transition from a holiday party to a New Year’s Eve dress or date night.

  one :: Topshop $75
two :: Boohoo $50
three :: Mango $80
four :: Boohoo $60
five :: River Island $100

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