5 Great Work Shirts under $30 from H&M

Five Great Works Shirts from H&M under $30

Hello, hello everyone! Last night I sat down and was thinking about what I’d like to share on this week’s Five Favorites”.  One of the most often asked questions I get from woman is, “Where’s a good place to buy work clothes?”  The best thing about the “corporate world” is that there are a lot more working woman now than there were twenty years ago.  You can find work clothes almost anywhere.

Retailers are slowly starting to realize that they need to incorporate work  apparel into their designs. Brands like Express, The Limited and Banana Republic pioneered the modern working woman. I remember when I was still in high school, I would purchase fitted pants from Express and I kept them for years.  The Limited has also always offered affordable and modern suits. At times the quality of the fabric wasn’t as good, but I think they have vastly improved over the years.

Now we jump ahead to 2013 and most brands are catering to working woman! From inexpensive brands like Forever 21 to some of the largest retailers like Nordstroms.  When shopping for work clothes there a few things to keep in mind, buy durable clothing and stick with the basics. I love a beautiful printed top, but prints tend to go out of style quickly

  The blouses above are some of my favorite from H&M. Number five is my all time favorite shirt in my closet. In fact, when I have time this week I’m going by H&M and picking up every color they have in that shirt. I own one in navy blue (worn here and here) and I wear it once a week to work. The reason I love H&M tops is because they are all made from polyester, I know what you’re thinking…POLYESTER?!? But to their defense, these shirts can be easily wash, dried and ironed and ready to wear for the next few weeks at work. That’s amazing! You just saved yourself a lot of time. Just remember to hang it up when you get home from work.  

All of the shirts above are very basic and can be mixed and matched with a black pencil skirt, wide leg trousers, skinny trousers or under a sleeveless dress. The possibilities are endless. So if you‘re ever wondering where to buy a new top for work, log onto H&M and see what they have available. You might be surprised. 

one :: H&M button blouse, $30
two :: H&M chiffon blouse, $30
three :: H&M button blouse, $30
four :: H&M tailored shirt, $34
five :: H&M blouse, $30


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