laurence dacade

This weekend I bought the most wonderful pair of boots for the fall.  A quick trip to walgreens turned into a trip to my favorite consignment shop in San Francisco.  These books are amazing.  The second I saw them in the window, I knew they belonged in my closet.  When I asked the lady to take the shoes off the shelf, which were lightly worn, the touch of the leather made me melt.  As soon as I realized they fit like a glove…they were purchased.  And that’s how I became a proud owner of Laurence Dacade…

Laurence Dacade is a French shoe designer working in Paris.  Laurence Decade designed shoes for Givenchy for 5 years and moved than
to Chanel. Today she is also designing under her own label, which she
founded in 2003.

Here are the shoes I purchased.  Already paired them with the perfect outfit.  Can’t wait to show you more.  A few more boots from here collection.  Enjoy!



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