The Check In

Welcome to the 2nd Check In! I really enjoyed having a place on the blog last time to share little tidbits from the week and a space to answer questions from Instagram that wouldn’t disappear in 24 hours! This week I’m checking in from Tulum.


Some of you might remember I recently listened to The Power of Habit on Audible and I’m training myself to make daily things like working out, taking vitamins and making the bed part of my routine. I decided to download the Productive app and I must say, it’s worth the yearly fee.

If you’re looking to step up your guacamole game then you need to check out these recipes.

For those of you in corporate, I found this interesting. How do you feel about open-plan workspaces? Leave it to Harvard to figure it out!

The Nordstrom sale is still going on (check out this post on home and kid picks) but ASOS and Express also have some pretty great sales going on right now too!


The last three months I’ve been wearing my Invisalign aligner and I’m starting to see a difference in my teeth alignment. I use Candid Co. and I must say, I’m a lot more confident smiling in front of the camera. My teeth needed minor adjustments. However, it’s completely changed the way I interact with the camera. I thought that was the most interesting observation in the whole process. For those interested, use code OLIVIA25 and you’ll receive 25% off of treatment and $150 off of aligners.

What’s Coming Up

Something we’ve talked about before, but early Fall, Patrick and I will be hosting a small group to answer all your hair questions. This will include what products to use, how to use the products, best tips for hot tools, etc. I’ll post more information once we’re further along in the planning process.

Corporate Catwalk Instagram is officially back. I’m working with my team to make sure we get content put on that page every few days. The content will be solely workwear content, quotes, inspiration, etc. Get excited, because I’m thrilled! It felt really good to post this photo. It felt like me again. Sometimes you just got to get back to your roots.

Here on the blog, you’re also going to see a few more workwear posts coming up over the next two weeks. Don’t forget to the checkout the workwear roundup from the Nordstrom Sale. I’m going to feature affordable workwear and what you need for your fall internship. I’ll also continue with the New York travel guide series as well as a guide for Montauk.


The monthly dress series by Leann Barlow is a must see. She’s always so creative and her July dress was stunning.

Looking for a job? Click here.

Going to Paris? Some great suggestions on what to do and where to go while you channel your inner French model.

Kathleen of Carrie Bradshaw Lied says goodbye to Orange County. The video was sweet and I’m super excited for her being in San Francisco! I loved my time there and I know she will too.

These tacos featured on the Chriselle Factor look absolutely amazing. I love having additional options in the kitchen.

Loved catching up on more of Grace’s solo Asia trip. Her room in Koh Samui was beautiful.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

xo, Olivia


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