Nude + Nude = Skinny

I purchased this dress at Banana Republic. The cut of the dress is really appealing to my “curves”.  This dress is great to wear to any meeting and/or another day in the office.

The best part about wearing nude is that it makes you look slim.  The same goes with shoes.  When you wear nude shoes, it elongates your legs (similar color as your skin).  Since I’m a whooping 5’1, nude shoes are a must.

These nude shoes are great! They are comfortable, go with every outfit and with the thick heel I’m able to wear them all day at the office without any discomfort.  The shoes are Nine West and I purchased them from TJ Maxx.  They have the same shoes in black, those will probably be in my closet soon!


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  1. xxxx wrote:

    Great look Corporate Catwalk!

    Love the titles here – they really bring a smile to my face. To be honest though as much as I agree that the dress cut does highlight your "curves" and the nude color perhaps as you say makes you look skinnier I think you have been working our or doing something else to get the look you have now.

    Tell the truth to all your fans!

    The hair looks great as well so maybe someday you can do a set of different hair looks with the same outfit and talk about how you think that changes the look of an outfit. Love your style.

    Posted 7.27.12 · Reply

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