The Must-Have Sweater for Fall

When you ask people what they love about fall some of the responses you’ll hear include the weather, the leaves, the start of the holidays but what I really love is fall fashion. This is the time when you pull out your boots, sweaters, and begin to expertly layer your favorite pieces. It’s the perfect time of year to showcase rich fabrics and colors before the temperatures drop too low. When winter is in full swing all you’ll see are heavy coats. It takes away some of the fun when planning outfits. With plenty of great clothing options, what’s the ultimate essential to get through fall? With the help of my partner, Uniqlo here’s my must-have sweater for fall.

What Makes a Piece an Essential?

Sweaters are a key component to fall fashion. There are endless styles, materials, and colors to choose from. How can I just boil it down to one essential? Well, when you think about the necessary components of an essential it begins to make more sense. You want something timeless that you can wear year after year. It needs to go with pieces in your existing wardrobe and trendier ones that you’ll add over time. You’ll also want it in a color that will go with just about everything. Now let’s talk material. It can get pretty chilly in the fall. I love the look of a cozy sweater. However, some can feel itchy so a quality material is crucial. Material selection is also important because an essential should be an investment and it will need to stand the test of time. The final factor is style. Will this piece elevate your wardrobe?

The Must-Have Sweater

So what sweater meets all of those requirements? The cashmere crewneck sweater from Uniqlo is my must-have sweater for fall. A cashmere sweater is iconic. While it may seem like a luxury, Uniqlo has made it an obtainable luxury. This 100% cashmere sweater is well under $100. The crewneck style makes it perfect for styling. You can wear it to work or on the weekend. It pairs well with a great skirt as I’ve styled here or with jeans and boots. It’s versatile. There’s just something so classic about a black cashmere sweater. It’s a must for your fall wardrobe. It’s available in sizes xs to xl. If you’re looking to add a pop of color with your cashmere it’s available in 12 other colors.

Cashmere Options

If you love cashmere as much as I do for fall and winter, Uniqlo has a lot of other options for you as well. They have other cashmere sweaters including this one with a ribbon tie at the neck. They also have a v-neckturtleneck, and cardigan in multiple colors. There are accessories for when temperatures drop further like these knitted gloves, this knitted beanie, and scarves in multiple colors. There are also coats available in a wool cashmere blend.

About Uniqlo

Uniqlo’s approach to clothing stems from their Japanese values of simplicity, quality, and longevity. They believe in having the best fit and fabric while still being affordable and accessible. Uniqlo has also made a number of efforts towards sustainability including things like promoting initiatives to reduce the water resources that are required for cotton cultivation. They also have a clothing recycling program in place. You can read more about what sustainability means to Uniqlo and their efforts in “The Power of Clothing” on their site. You can find previous issues of the publication there as well. They’ve made it available in multiple languages to accommodate their customers all over the world.

I’ll be adding to my cashmere collection this fall with Uniqlo. It’s also a company I feel good about supporting thanks to their efforts behind the scenes. What do you consider your must-have sweater for fall? Let me know in the comments below!

xo, Olivia

This post was done in partnership with Uniqlo.

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