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I recently went out to brunch with a girlfriend at Cafe la Cerra in midtown Manhattan. We enjoyed giant lattes (my favorite) and açai bowls filled with coconut, fresh fruit, and granola. It was to die for! If you haven’t been, I’d highly recommend it.
When it came time to get going, splitting the check was as easy as the push of a button. I’ve been using the Square Cash app to send money to friends and couldn’t be happier with it.
I never carry around cash anymore, and I find some other apps a bit invasive as your network can see what you’re sending and receiving. Square relieves you of that but still makes it easy to find the people you want to pay (or charge) via a username similar to a hashtag… mine, for example, is $corporatecatwalk.



The user interface is simple and so easy to use, and you can add multiple different cards onto the app to choose which you want to pay with. Plus, instead of “cashing out” like on PayPal or Venmo, it direct deposits into your bank within 24 hours. What’s not to love?
No need to make an account, no fees, and a really low charge for businesses (only 1.9%).


Square Cash makes it so easy to send and receive money. Next time you’re out with friends, download the Square Cash App to easily pay someone back, or use it to reimburse friends for a group gift. There are so many different ways to use it.
The best part? Square Cash is willing to give you $5 for free (that’s a little more than you’ll need for a bowl-sized Latte from Cafe la Cerra) when you download the app and use this code:
Sweater – J.Crew
Bags – Chloe 
Sunglasses – Chanel 
Stocking Hat – Intermix 
Thank you Square for sponsoring today’s post!



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