What to Wear to Work | Pleated Skirt + Cardigan

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The last few days I’ve been in Baltimore for quarterly business reviews with my colleagues. Being the youngest on my team by twenty years, it’s great to learn from years of business experience. As much as we joke that I’m a “kid” and they’re “old men,” I’ve had the ability to learn from some of the most talented sale people and executives in the industry. But, more importantly it’s an opportunity to network and build comradery with your peers. Working in a large corporate office, I’m always surprised when and where I cross paths with people. After working in Corporate America for only four years, I can already attest to the fact that you never know who you’ll run into, or when you’ll need someone down the road.Right now I’m taking the train back to NYC and looking forward to seeing my husband and sleeping in my own bed. Tomorrow morning I’m on an early flight to Pittsburgh and then coming back to Manhattan for Hitha’s birthday bash. Looking forward to hear about her recent trip. If you’re planning a summer trip, take a look at her blog for travel expertise.

Some of you might have noticed a trend with pleated skirts in my wardrobe. When I first bought the black pleated skirt from Zara, it was my default skirt I wore to work. It’s a great alternative to the traditional pencil skirt. If you missed my previous outfits in pencil skirt, take a look here, here and here.

Ann Taylor Cardigan
Zara Skirt (similar at Shopbop, NeedSupply, RiverIsland & identical at Farfetch, but comes with a price tag)
Louis Vuitton Bag
Karen Walker Sunnies
Zara Heels
Rose Mirabella Lip Pencil
xo, Olivia

Photos by Lydia Hudgens


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