Five Mobile Apps that will Simplify Your Life

Five Mobile Apps that will Simplify Your Life, mobile apps to simplify your life, great mobile apps for busy people,
Doing more with less has always been my motto. There’s twenty four hours in a day and I’m typically sleep for seven hours, so that leaves me with seventeen hours to be productive throughout the day. Studies show that women are great multitaskers, so I like to think I can typically get even more done in a day because I can do two things at once.
Now with mobile devices we’re able to do so much in one day. However this can be a double-edged sword, as productive as I can be in one day, this can also be countered by being unproductive with so many applications on my phone. Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are my archenemies when I have a busy day. I’m getting better at not wasting time on these social apps. I cannot begin to count the number of days I’ve stayed in bed on Instagram looking at photos for thirty minutes, only to be late to work or post to my blog late.
Here are five mobile apps that will simplify your day and make you more efficient.
1. Google Drive and/or Evernote– I grouped these together because they are both cloud based applications that can save documents and notes and can be accessed from multiple devices. If you working on a living document and always need access to the document, Google Drive is a great option. You’re also able to share this document with other people. For example, my fiance and I setup a Google Spreadsheet for our wedding so we’re both able to access this information at anytime throughout the day. I also use Google Drive for my blog schedule. It gives me one location to put down notes and ideas throughout the day. With Evernote you’re able to access notes from your mobile device, laptop and iPad. It’s also great because it syncs with your calendar. So if you have class at 6pm and you start taking notes, it will automatically put in your subject line “Computer Class Notes”.
2. LifeLock Wallet App– One of the best apps on my phone because it saves me time from running to my wallet and going through my phone to get card numbers. To start, the application is password protected. In this applications you’re can take photos of cards in your wallet – credit/debit cards, membership/loyalty cards, insurance cards, ID cards, business cards, receipts and coupons. You’re also able to connect your credit/debit cards to get daily balances on your accounts. This helps to beware of fraudulent charges. I wouldn’t recommend putting all of your credit/debit cards in the application, but I’d recommend putting in one credit card, just in case your out and about and don’t have your wallet and need to access some type of payment card. This has happened to me few times. Also, when I’m booking a flight and don’t remember my membership numbers or making an appointment with the dentist and don’t have my insurance card, this app has saved me so much time because the information is at my fingertips.
3. SimplyUsThis application helps couples stay organized and it works! It has a shared calendar, to-do lists, chat and photos. Both of you download the app and add update, which will alerts the partner. For example if he needs to pick up wine for a dinner party, you can put the dinner party in the calendar and also put on his to-do list, “Pick up Wine”. It’s a great way for both of you to stay on the same page when it comes to scheduling. It’s also cute because you can upload photos on the app and chat with each other throughout the day about things that need to get done.
4. Tripcase– Most of us are jet setting all over the world, nowadays, this app makes it more convenient to stay updated on flight information and confirmation numbers. When the airline, hotel, train, car rental, or where ever sends you a confirmation email, you simply forward the email to and they upload the it itinerary into the mobile app. You can access flight numbers, gate numbers, departure time/date and get automatic updates on the status of your trip. I travel a lot for work via train and planes, so I constantly using this application. If you travel (at all), you should download this app.
5. Waze and/or Uber – A navigation/travel application is so necessary. When I drove in San Francisco, I only used one navigation app- Waze. It shows traffic delays, best routes, accidents, etc throughout your route. The app is a social app, so other users are able to share their driving experience in real-time. For example, if there’s an accident, a user (hopefully the passenger) can mark that there’s a accident up ahead. In turn, you can use that information and take a different route to get to your destination faster and not be stuck in traffic. For any city person, I’d highly recommend Uber. I’ve been using the app since it first came out and I’ve never regretting using the service. The rates are not that much higher (unless it’s a peak times) than a normal taxi and it’s such a relaxing experience. Whenever I travel, I use Uber. Traveling can be stressful, using Uber relieves some of that stress and they always give an accurate ETA, so I can finish putting on my makeup while waiting for a ride to the airport.

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