diy fix your broken makeup compact


Last week I accidentally dropped my makeup compact and naturally it broke.  I continued to use it for about 3 days, then it came open in my purse and got all over my new bag.  The lining was almost ruined.  So to prevent this from happening to you.  Here’s an easy project that will save you from getting makeup all over the place or throwing away perfectly good makeup.  It took me about 15 minutes to complete.  Hope these steps help you bring back to life your favorite makeup!

Step 1: This you’ll need. Broken makeup compact, Rubbing Alcohol 90%+, napkin, plastic cuticle pusher and a measuring teaspoon.
              Boo, my favorite makeup…destroyed!

Step 2: Put broken make up paper town and counter, the glass cutting board worked great.

Step 3: Begin breaking up makeup
Makeup completely broke up with sharp end of cuticle pusher
Step 4: flip around cuticle pusher to breakup the makeup into finer parts


Step 5: close the compact and lightly pound on wooden table (not glass)
Step 6: Open up compact, you’ll see all the larger piece came to the top.  Continue to break apart
Step 7: Pour alcohol in teaspoon.  This will keep you from accidentally pouring in the whole bottle


Step 8: Pour small amount in middle of compact.  Mix middle working your way outward.


Slowing mixing in alcohol into makeup.
Stir in more alcohol.
Step 9: After you get the makeup off cuticle pusher, close compact and pound against wooden table.  This is leveling out the makeup to make it flat and compact as possible. Will get rid of all the air bubbles as well.
Step 10: Open up compact and there you go! New makeup!!! Make sure to let dry for 24 hours.


Step 11: Replace old application sponge


Step 12: Wipe around the edges with a paper towel and alcohol to clean and you’re complete!


Before & After!
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