DIY Lace Accents

Do you ever have beloved clothing in your closet that you bought and thought “if I lose a few lbs, I could totally fit into this!”? Well, I have a few of those items.  As I get older, I think I’m finally starting to learn…what fits me in the dressing room, will probably fit me when I get out of the dressing room. 

This dress I bought a few years ago.  It’s a Banana Republic wool dress, sleeveless with a high neckline.  After several attempts trying to fit into a 00 (what was I thinking). I finally decided to reconstruct my dress and make it a masterpiece! I found this beautiful lace fabric with a silver background.  The tuxedo pants are one of the biggest trends in fashion, thought it would be fun to apply the same concept to this dress.

So when you think you want to throw your favorite dress out, take it to a seamtress and have her alter it to your liking.  Or take out your sewing kit and spice things up!


After picture

Lace on the side and small pleats in the back

Love the added pleats in the back.


Take scissors right up the sides!

Beautiful fabric from Joanns


  1. angie wrote:

    wow, I love those shoes! Excellent job!

    Posted 11.14.12 · Reply
    • olivia wrote:

      Thanks! Me too! These are my favorite Nine West shoes. I have 4 pairs in different colors! They fit perfectly and have the thick heel for the office.

      Posted 11.15.12 · Reply

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