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This weekend I spend some time in Seattle.  I’ve wanted
the three bags above for a really long time.  My shopping rule is that
if I think about something for over a week, I have authority to buy it. 
Most of the time I forget about stuff within two hours and moved on to a
new obsession, so it’s an easy rule for me to follow.

This little bag is a classic Willis Coach crossover from 1990.  I got if off ebay for $20.  Coach has recently brought back their classic bags.  They have such wonderful leather at Coach.  If you’ve steered away from Coach stores because everyone has Coach bags with Cs all over them.  I’d highly recommend stopping in a store, you’d be pleasantly surprised.

I’ve been lusting over this purse for the last month.  The bag has amazing leather and the color is great for spring/summer! It can be dressed up or dressed down.  That’s what’s so great about cross body bags. As soon as I take off the longer strap, I can make it look sleek and sophisticated. Looking forward to using this bag over the next few months!

This bag was somewhat a splurge. I’m convinced sales people at clothing stores are the best sales people in the world. They have all the inside tips…so they say 😉 This is bag is going to be great for commuting back and forth to work. I was debating on getting this bag or the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag.  This is another great staple in my collection. The picture doesn’t do it justice.  It’s a clean, cut bag that is great for after work events. It has enough from for your computer, wallet, sunglasses, etc. but it’s not too bulky.

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  1. Unknown wrote:

    What a steal on the Willis

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