My Favorite FRANKiE4 Shoes

You’ve seen me wear my FRANKiE4 sneakers countless times this year and I’m so excited to share their promotion happening. From now until June 30th, use code OLIVIA20 for 20% off your entire purchase during their Friends, Family, and Followers celebration!

To help you get started, I’m sharing my picks from their website!

NAT II White

The gateway FRANKiE4 shoe. Once you get these, you’ll understand why I wear these shoes all the time.

NAT II Cream

The NAT II Whites sister. I love the cream with with white denim and casual workwear moments!


The JACKiE sneakers have a fun pop of color or print in the back. My favorite at the moment is this white/silver classic shoe.


People always ask me for wardrobe essentials, and these flats are one of them. Especially for workwear. Not to mention they are so comfortable (and support my arches!), I can wear them all day.


The ultimate French girl chic flat that will take you from office to weekend seamlessly. If you’re looking to buy a pair of flats this season, this is the place to do it!


These sandals were made for the summer traveler. Explore any city in style and comfort!


I’m a slides girl as soon as it gets warm out. I love the snake print and support of the SANDY! These comfy slides have no ‘break-in’ period, so you get to step into soft cushioning from day one.


These sandals will become one of your most worn summer shoes! They go with everything.


When I tell you I feel like I’m walking on a cloud when I wear these, I mean it. The TAMBOs have been perfect to have while I’m taking the boys out to explore Miami.

FRAKNiE4 Top Picks

FRANKiE4 has so many comfortable styles perfect for everyday, work, and vacation this summer.  Don’t forget to use code OLIVIA20 for 20% off your purchase during this sale until June 30th!

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xo, Olivia


  1. Looking so cool and comfortable. I can’t wait to try this look.

    Posted 5.29.23 · Reply
  2. Looking so cool and comfortable. I can’t wait to try this look.

    Posted 5.29.23 · Reply
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