My Top 5 Apps For Health and Wellness

I kick-started my fitness journey in January with the goal of incorporating healthier habits into my everyday routine. Since then, I’ve lost over 20 lbs. But most importantly, I’ve developed new habits that have helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to share a few apps I’ve used throughout my fitness journey, which have helped me get in shape and stay on track with my nutrition, all from the comfort of my own home!


Free 30 Day trial when you sign up! Subscription price is $15/month, available for iOS and Android users!

I love at-home workouts because you don’t have to get in your car, sit in traffic, or worry about parking. Recently, I’ve been loving the iFIT app when it comes to at-home workouts! The app is easy to use and has helped me achieve my health and fitness goals from the comfort of my own home. There are TONS of workouts to choose from based on the equipment you have and what type of workout you’re looking for. The iFIT app is great for both beginners who are just getting started with fitness or for those who are more skilled when it comes to fitness.

One Peloton

Subscription price is $12.99/month, available for iOS and Android

The One Peloton app is amazing because they offer a variety of cycling and strength classes. I love how their classes range from regular spin classes to strength training. I follow along by propping my iPhone or iPad up on my Amazon Bike. The app is only $12.99/month and my username is OliviaJeanette if you want to follow along and workout with me!

Lose It! 

Free! But if you want the premium feature subscription prices starting at $9.99, available for iOS and Android

Food is a major part of fitness. The two go hand-in-hand when it comes to transforming your body and lifestyle. The Lose It! app has helped me maintain a healthy diet and has taught me that not all calories are created equal. As a mom, I eat a lot of the same foods as Hugo and Sebastian (I’m looking at you dinosaur chicken nuggets), but I’ve managed to eat within my means. This app has taught me how to enjoy life in a healthy and manageable way! The app allows you to count calories, track your food, and set personal goals.


Subscription prices starting at $14.99, available for iOS and Android

It’s so important as a mom and as someone who works out to destress and relax, even if it’s just for a few minutes. There are so many stressors that you need to take the time to hit the reset button. Calm is a guided meditation app with an original daily calm each day, sleep stories, and meditation programs. I love the Calm app at night, especially on the days when I do nighttime workouts. It helps me fall asleep and feel rested the next day!

Nike Run Club

Available for iOS and Android

Nike’s slogan alone is extremely motivating, but you can get even more motivated with their Run Club app! I use this app when running because it keeps me on track and has some really unique features. This app included guided runs, which I personally love because it helps me “turn off” my thoughts and have someone else in my head telling me what to do. You can also track your progress based on your pace, location, distance, elevation, heart rate, and miles, giving you a really great overall summary of your completed runs. You can even tag your shoes and keep track of mileage so you know exactly when to replace your current pair!

All of these apps can be found on the app store for iOS and Android users and cost less than $20/month! If you’re kickstarting your fitness journey, these apps are guaranteed to help you achieve your goals, keep you motivated, and allow you to track your progress.

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xo, Olivia

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