How We’re Teaching Spanish to our Kids at Home

From early on, Matt and I both wanted to make sure Sebastian learned Spanish early in his life. Kids learn best early-on, so I didn’t want to wait for him to begin learning Spanish. We’re lucky because he’s been slowly picking up words and phrases in school to give him a good foundation to learn Spanish. I’ve noticed that the small bit of training has already boosted his problem-solving and critical thinking skills and has even improved his concentration.

As some of you might know, my mom is from Mexico and speaks Spanish fluently She and Sebastian have such a great relationship and it would be amazing for Sebastian to be able to speak to my mother in her native language. Since Sebastian will be home with me this Summer, I’m excited to take on teaching him Spanish. I’m not completely fluent, so I’ll be learning with Sebastian and Hugo this summer as well!

About Canticos

As someone who’s taken lots of Spanish courses over her lifetime, I know there are a number of programs out there to learn Spanish. But I’ve found that Canticos does the best job of combining teaching and fun for kids. Did you know that Canticos is the #1 bilingual preschool app!

During this time of hybrid and remote learning, Canticos is a tool that us parents can rely on. Canticos’ blended learning approach features an app that makes screen-time learn-time — with songs, games, and activities. The books, puzzles, and flashcards give parents a chance to connect with their kids while reinforcing the lessons they’ve learned over on the app. So far it has been an incredible partner for teaching early learning concepts and helping to prepare Sebastian for kindergarten in two languages.

Spanish is a fun language to learn and Sebastian has so much fun learning. Canticos has the most adorable characters. The elephant is my favorite! The songs, nursery rhymes, games and activities are all a part of the Canticos experience. The best part is that everything works together; from the app and videos to the books and puzzles. Huge for us because the learning is consistent regardless of what device or activity that we are using with Canticos.

This summer, Sebastian and Hugo will be home with me and I’m excited to use Canticos Learning Hub for their free printables; including coloring pages, writing, crafts and other activities. This resource is 100% free to parents and teachers and I highly recommend these fun downloads for your kiddos.

Learn with Canticos

There are so many ways to learn with Canticos! Here are 7 ways you can make learning Spanish fun with your kids!

1. Canticos App

2. Books


3. Toys

4. Bundles

5. Printables

6. Videos

7. Canticos Learning Hub

If you are looking to start your little ones on another language, I fully recommend Canticos! They were named one of the Most Innovative Education Companies in the world by Fast Company! Plus, they are even one of the brands included in this year’s Grammy Award Gift Bags! Let me know if you have any questions and be sure to stay following along over on Instagram to keep up with our learnings from Canticos!

Thank you so much for reading!

xo, Olivia


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