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Back in August we had a complete office makeover. We had essentially a whole wardrobe installed from Closet Maid and could not be more pleased with the results. However, that didn’t solve our original problem: we had so much stuff in our office and we didn’t know where to put it! We ended up calling in the professionals for their help. We worked with Louisa from NEAT Method NYC and are thrilled with the results!


The back room of our office was kind of a disaster! As soon as we moved into the office back in June we had two more people join the team so we really hit the ground running. We didn’t have ton of time to get organized and situated.

These pictures are so funny to look at. Our office has come so far since these days in June. I am so grateful for Louisa for giving our office the face lift it needed!

The Process

Working with Louisa was so easy. She came in and had a consultation with me and the team. She took a look at the space and listened to our wants, needs, and desires for where we saw the space going. Louisa was able to evaluate the space and come up with a game plan of what to buy to help us achieve maximum organization and how many people she needed to accomplish it.

This was our work in progress shot! Louisa took out EVERYTHING. She helped us sort out everything we wanted to keep or get rid of and assisted in helping us set up blog vs. Corporate Catwalk stuff.

After the evaluation, Louisa recommended the above products to help us get organized. They really did help! We use those wicker baskets daily to help keep things looking good in the office.


I mean come on. The office looks so amazing. I love how everything looks like it has a place; nothing is junky looking. It is so refreshing to walk into a space where I can see everything and don’t have to spend 10 minutes looking for something anytime I need it. I cannot recommend Louisa and her team enough. They were helpful, efficient and overall great workers. If you are thinking of hiring an organizer, do it! I cannot recommend NEAT Method NYC enough. They saved us so much time and energy.

xo, Olivia

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