How to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe to Spring

The official first day of spring is roughly two weeks away. We all know this day is purely symbolic but it’s a welcomed one for those of us looking forward to all the city has to offer when warmer weather strikes. However, it’s not time just yet to ditch all of our winter staples. There are a number of ways to transition your winter wardrobe to spring. Here’s how to make the transition seamless while also incorporating some of the latest spring trends.

Mix it Up

We all know layers are the trick to staying warm and managing cool mornings followed up with warm afternoons. Mix it up with materials on those days where it’s not quite warm enough to fully embrace the call of spring. Pair a lighter fabric with something heavier to strike the perfect balance. Here I paired this gorgeous wool blazer with a lightweight cami.  I’m able to slowly transition my spring pieces while still utilizing my winter wardrobe. For an edgier look, swap out a cami for a printed t-shirt like I did here. You can always trade the trousers for jeans on the weekend. Mix it up and gradually replace a heavier piece with a lighter one.


Lighter Denim

Start rotating out your darker denim for lighter washes. You’d be amazed at the difference denim color can make in an outfit. It really brightens things up. Start incorporating your white jeans too. These elements really hit the refresh button even on a gloomy day.

Color Color Color

We’re all guilty sometimes of falling into this rut during the winter. We stick with dark colors, neutrals, etc. If this is you, start incorporating more color. This spring neon is a big trend. You don’t have to jump from blacks and greys straight to neons but start grabbing pieces from your spring wardrobe to infuse more color into your daily looks.


Ditch the Boots

A lot of people recommend swapping out your ankle boots for flats. Most of you know, I rarely wear flats. So I’ll leave that second part up to you. Ditch those boots for flats or your favorite pumps. Transitioning your winter wardrobe to spring includes your shoe collection.


What’s your go-to method for preparing your closet to transition from winter to spring? If you’re looking to incorporate some trends into your transition period, don’t forget about the Shopbop sale going on now! You can view my picks here.

xo, Olivia

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