Everything you need to know about Sebastian’s “Baby” Camera

One of the most commonly purchased item from Instagram Stories is my Waze camera, otherwise known as Sebastian’s “baby” monitors. Prior to this camera we had another baby monitor, but we had a lot of problems with the battery life and overall functionality. What I love most about the Waze camera is that it’s accessible from your phone with the Waze app, so I always have access to see what’s going on in Sebastian’s room. Please ask any questions in the comments or on Instagram Stories and I’ll be sure to get back to everyone!

How I use the Camera

The Wyze camera can be used for so many things. I have two of these cameras through-out our apartment. I have one to keep an eye on Sebastian and one for overall security of our apartment. It has 360° vision so that you can see every angle of the room and even a night mode which I love. It syncs with Alexa and the Google Assistant. Wyze is easy to set-up, the app is reliable, they are super mobile and I always take one when we travel.

I personally love using it when I travel and the family is at home. It gives me the ability to be “present” during bedtime and other funny moments. Great to use for parents who travel a lot. At any time they can turn on the app and check in on the Live Stream.

Key Features and Functionalities


Amazing  sound on the camera. If you want to keep the camera on, you can turn the sound on or off. Love the sound quality, as well. It’s a little delayed, but nothing significant.


This capability is great if you see something you want to happen to be look at the camera and want to record at that very moment. It also have View Playback capability (I’ll talk about this a little later).


We love this feature, especially if we’re trying to tell Sebastian to go to bed or speak to the animals while at work. This is also a great way to communicate with your significant other while you’re in the other room! This I’d highly recommend using if you’re cooking and your kids (or family) is in the other room. Easy to tell them to turn down the TV, get ready for dinner, etc.

Take Photo

The most commonly used feature, we love snapping photos of Sebastian or the animals. We once caught Batman in the act, so this feature was utilized.

A few other features is the ability to motion track, this is a great feature if you’re using this as a security feature. They have Pan Scan, Motion Tagging, Album (look at old pictures take) and Time Lapse. You can also use the little grey dial to move the camera up, down, left or right. If you get a memory card, you can also utilize the View Playback capability. We use this a lot, especially when we want to go back and replay moments.

Below are two screenshots of the app that you can download when you connect your devise to wifi.

More about my Amazon Store

I also wanted to use this post to introduce you guys to something very exciting that I’ve been working on! I recently created my Amazon store. I’ll be updating it regularly but you can find everything on there from my latest fashion finds to my home necessities! I even linked the Wyze camera above (it’s in the home necessities list!). All you have to do is click on my link here, then follow me! It is that easy and you’ll get updates when I add new lists or posts on my page. Hope this makes it easier for you to shop my Amazon finds that you think will work well for you and anyone else on your list. I am ALWAYS linking from Amazon and my team is so great at finding the trendiest pieces at a fraction of the cost. I hope you guys love it!

Here’s a specific storefront you might enjoy, “Sebastian’s Favorites“. I’ve linked all the things he owns and loves!

Are there any requests for what lists you want to see on my Amazon Store? Let me know below!

xo, Olivia


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