Best Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Sebastian is almost three! We can’t believe it. Matt and I were looking through pictures from our first two years with him. It’s truly incredible how just one photo can produce so many memories. What a journey it’s been. Sebastian is definitely now at the age where he THINKS he knows what he wants and what he doesn’t, and makes sure to let us know. Getting him to understand rules and boundaries has been a process but he is starting to understand the way.

One area that he has no confusion about is his toy collection and what he wants to add to it. With the holidays right around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect time to share our favorite gift ideas for not just our toddler but yours as well. The great news, everything on the list, you can purchase at They have nearly everything you could want for your little ones (or anyone else for that matter!). Plus, free next day delivery on purchases over $35! Here we go.


Sebastian is very into a few cartoons right now, specifically, PJ Masks & Paw Patrol. He loves playing with the figurines and helping them save the world from the “Bad Guys”.

Dolls and Dollhouses

We have several nieces now and they are of course in love with their dolls. They seem to pop-up each year on their Christmas List, so we always try to stay fresh with ideas. One year, Matt bought a giant Elsa poster that sticks to (and peels off) the wall. It actually looked really neat in their room. Some of our favorite items for this year are below.


It hasn’t been until this fall that Sebastian really started playing games, and by games, the ones that aren’t on his Ipad. He loves his leaning games on the Ipad but he has a really taken to the traditional games, we use to play when we were younger. Our current favorite to play alongside him is Boggle. He gets to practice his letter identification and gets to have the feeling of completing a task. We have always played Connect 4 with him but really want to add more board games. Perhaps Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Building Sets

Sebastian is a builder and loves to build tall buildings to match the ones outside. His big Duplo Blocks are for building his skyscrapers and towers, while his Legos are used to make cars and anything else that he comes up with in his imagination. It’s fun to sit back and watch his little brain working as he figures out how to make his building come together.


His Play-doh set is something he likes to do with us. We roll out the Play-doh and use the “cookie cutters” to make different shapes. It’s a blast. Coloring, painting & now slime are some of Sebastian’s favorite “craft” activities. He loves to show off his artwork afterwards and Walmart has everything we need to keep Sebastian stocked so he can add to his thriving art collection.

Hope there were some fun ideas for all of you in the post. Shopping for toddlers is so much fun and when it can be easy, all the better.

Thank youWalmart for sponsoring today’s post.

xo, Olivia


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