4 Tips for A Successful Interview

My Corporate Catwalk team is growing FAST. As we gear up for launch, we have been on-boarding more customers, figuring out the tech piece, and adding the final details to our branding. Because of all this, we have been rapidly expanding our company. With new interns coming in and soon after that, a buyer, we have been interviewing with people daily. A lot of you have asked me what top tips I have for interviewing so I’m sharing with you my 4 tips for how to conduct a successful interview.

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Come Prepared

Coming to the interview prepared is very important. Depending on how many people are sitting in on your interview, I recommend bringing copies for each of them even if you have already given them your resume. I would also make sure you do plenty of research on the company you are interviewing with. Sounding informed and engaged in the company looks so good to interviewers and shows them that you’re legitimately interested. You also want to come with a list of questions. Questions are another way to make you sound interested in the position and gives you a great chance to engage the interviewer and extends your talking time. At the end of almost every interview you are going to get asked if you have any questions, so be prepared!

Questions I Recommend Asking:

  • What is the daily routine like for the position?
  • What is the corporate culture of the company?
  • When did the interviewer start at the company?
  • What should the position accomplish within the first 30 days of being hired?

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Bring Your A-Game

When you’re interviewing you want to be memorable. You need to be able to stand out because most likely you are not the only person the company is considering. Be sure to to show off your personality! Let the interviewer get to know you. If you relax and have a little fun with your interviewer, your personality will be able to shine through and become more personable. Be sure to have a list of 5-10 accomplishments fresh in your mind. This way if you get a question out of left field, you’ll be able to answer quickly! Another way to make sure you bring your A-game is even if the job isn’t your first choice, be sure to act like it is! You should come across as engaged and excited about the position you’re interviewing for.

Dress the Part

Dressing the part is so important. I recommend over dressing as opposed to under dressing. If you show up in a blazer and nice pants, it signals to your interviewer that you mean business! I think this blazer is so chic for a first interview. That being said, you should do your research on what the corporate culture is like before you interview in person so you can have a feel for what they wear on a day to day basis. You should not just be dressing for just the position itself but for the company as well. What you wear is key because it is the first thing your interviewer sees before you even start talking.

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Follow Up

Following up is EXTREMELY important. I cannot stress that enough! No matter how great or poorly the interview goes, following up is a great way to show that you’re still interested in the position and is just good etiquette to practice. Most of my team got their jobs because they kept following up with me. I could see how badly they wanted this position and how passionate they were. I knew I needed to have them on my team.

So there they are: my 4 tips for a successful interview. I hope you find them helpful! Good luck on any interviews you might have coming up.

xo, Olivia

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  1. lorena wrote:

    Great tips Olivia and i wish you plenty of success in your new venture!!

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