My Picnic Essentials for the Summer

If you can’t tell by my previous posts, I am SO happy that it’s finally summer. I love summer in New York City because there are many great free things to do outside. One thing that my family loves is going on picnics. Last weekend, I took Matt and Sebastian on a picnic in Central Park. It was a lot of fun and we finally got to enjoy the summer weather (it’s been raining almost nonstop in NYC). One thing I didn’t want to do was figure out what to pack for said picnic. Don’t worry though, I created my list of picnic essentials for the summer! 

Picnic Blanket

The first thing you need when planning a picnic is a blanket. You want to keep yourself and your food clean. My favorite are the classic gingham blankets but anything that is a little thicker will be comfortable and perfect for a day in the sun. 

Picnic Basket

Another picnic essential is the basket. There is something that is nostalgic about a picnic basket that I love. They are sturdy and hold so much. They’re a great reusable alternative to using plastic bags to carry food. We have one similar to this and use it every time we go out in the park.

No Mess Food

When you eat on a blanket, you want there to be little to no mess so there isn’t a sticky blanket in your basket on the way home. Some of my favorite snacks are cherries and strawberries. I also love cheese and meat boards as a good protein option, and chips for something savory. Staying on the reusable train, I like to store my food in reusable containers and bags. These are a good alternative to plastic bags along with meal prep reusable containers. 

Reusable cutlery 

Reusable cutlery is also important. If you don’t buy a basket with cutlery already, it’s easy to find a cute set for cheap! I’m trying to cut down on my single use plastic and bringing reusable cutlery that you can clean easily. This helps reduce your personal waste. Here are some of my favorite sets: 

My Favorite Picnic Dresses


What are your picnic essentials? Do you have a favorite basket or a favorite snack to bring? Let me know!

xo, Olivia

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