Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Now more than ever, I have been realizing my impact on the environment. I have become more aware of my consumption and finding ways to extend the life of things I love to reduce landfill waste.  This mentality has translated over into what products I bring into my home. Traditional cleaning supplies are typically filled with chemicals that are not only bad for me and my family, but they’re bad for the environment as well. Therefore, I partnered with The Laundress to help promote the importance of eco-friendly home cleaning and laundry products.

The Laundress is an eco-friendly cleaning supply company. They make products for your clothes and home and help you take care of the things you love while also being kind to the environment. Scroll through my favorite picks from the brand and use code OLIVIA for 25% off your next order!

Delicate Wash

The Delicate Wash is my absolute favorite product from The Laundress. What’s cool about this product is that it is for clothes that are typically “dry clean only.” Pair it with their Wash-Tub Basin and you can efficiently wash your delicates in the comfort of your own home. The Laundress is all about washing your own clothes, even the ones that typically need to be dry cleaned because 90% of these types of clothes can actually be cleaned at home with the right products. So, you are saving money and the planet with these environmentally friendly products!

Fabric Fresh Spray and Lint Brush

For those of you with animals at home, the struggle is real. My cat and dog’s hair gets everywhere. They have dark hair and I have a white couch so I always want new ways to keep my furniture clean. The Laundress has a great Pet & Lint brush and when used with their Fabric Fresh Spray, it leaves my furniture and linens smelling and looking clean.

Baby Laundry Detergent

I always want to use gentle products on Sebastian’s skin so that he doesn’t get irritated. This Baby Detergent is perfect for Sebastian because it is gentle but still gets those stubborn stains out.

Crease Release

I’ve also been loving The Laundress’ Crease Release. It is perfect for on the go when your clothes get wrinkled and they offer a size that is small enough to fit in your commuter bag. We also keep a bottle of it in our office and our team loves using it!


Linen Dish Towel

My final favorite product from The Laundress is their Linen Knit Dish Cloth. I hate the way the sponges can get smelly, gross, and build up bacteria. Their Linen Dish Cloth dries super quick so I no longer have those issues! I use it with their dish detergent to leave my pots and pans clean and smelling nice.

Which of these environmentally friendly products are you going to try? Don’t forget to use my code OLIVIA at checkout for 25% off!

xo, Olivia

This post was sponsored by The Laundress


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