10 Things to do with Kids in NYC In The Summer

Our New York Travel Guide continues with our favorite spots in New York City for the whole family. We’ve covered where to stay and how to get around. New York City is an amazing place to live and visit. There are so many things to do and see here. When you bring the kids, though, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Fear not. We have you covered. There are plenty of things to do with kids in NYC, especially in the summer. Matt and I love raising Sebastian here. It’s so much fun to run around the city with him. Many of the places we go are just as fun for us parents. Here are some of our favorite things to do with Sebastian here in the city.

1. Ice Cream Trucks

NYC is known for its food trucks but in the summertime, you must grab some ice cream for your walk around town. There are plenty to choose from and it’s always Sebastian’s favorite part of the day. Our new favorite is Smoothie NYC. It’s a pink and teal van. It’s so delicious and it overtook Mister Softee in the top spot.

2. NYC Ferry To Dumbo

The Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn is our favorite place to go outside of Manhattan. You can catch the ferry in Manhattan and it takes you to different stops along the way in Queens and Brooklyn. We love sitting on top and as we gaze out across the NYC skyline. It’s truly the best way to travel in the city. Dumbo is such a gorgeous spot right along the East River to hang out for an afternoon. You can grab some pizza at Grimaldi’s, sit in Brooklyn Bridge Park and enjoy the view. They have walkways all along the water for you to enjoy and a famous carousel to keep the kiddos busy.

3. Ride Bikes in Central Park

Matt and I bought bikes within the first couple months of moving here. We love getting around the city on our bikes. You never have to worry about traffic. Now that we have Sebastian, we take the bikes up to the park and we have a little cart that attaches to Matt’s bike. There are plenty of options for renting bikes up by Central Park that you can rent either by the hour or for the full day. It’s simply the best way to see all of Central Park. Ride a little bit, stop and find a place to relax in the park to people watch.  This is a must do especially when the weather is nice.

4. Jane’s Carousel

This is the famous carousel right on the waterfront in Dumbo. It’s such a magical little spot for the kiddos to enjoy. Sebastian loves the carousel and we always stop there when we are across the river.

5. Natural History Museum

This is by far Matt’s favorite museum in the city. He loves dinosaurs and always wanted to come here when he was a kid. It is the perfect spot to bring the kids. There are animals and dinosaurs galore not to mention it’s right along Central Park. After enjoying a picnic in the park, head over to the Museum and get lost for a couple of hours.

6. The Intrepid: Sea, Air and Space Museum

Situated right along the Hudson, is the famous aircraft carrier, The Intrepid. It is a sight to behold. If you love history and science, this is the place. Walk around in the museum and wander around the giant aircraft carrier. There are plenty of food trucks and refreshments around to make it a great way to spend an afternoon.

7. Movie in Bryant Park

In the summertime, this is perhaps the coolest way to spend the evening with your kids. If you have ever been to Bryant Park, right behind the New York Public Library, then you know how gorgeous this park is. You almost forget you are in the middle of Midtown Manhattan. In the summer, when they bring out the giant movie screen it’s even better. Bring a blanket, some snacks and watch a movie together with the rest of Manhattan.

8. Coney Island

This is an all-day adventure particularly if you are staying in Manhattan. Coney Island is perhaps one of NYC’s most famous landmarks and entertainment spots. The only downside is the travel. It’s located all the way at the other end of Brooklyn.

9. Lego Store

Located at Rockefeller Center, it’s a kid’s dream. They have amazing lego sculptures and all the legos you could ever want. It’s a good pit stop as you walk around Rockefeller Center. If you have time definitely go to the Top of the Rock to see the city and Central Park for a bird’s eye view.

10. Roosevelt Island Tram

This is another fun way to travel in NYC. The tram is located at 59th & 2nd Avenue and takes you in the air across the East River over to Roosevelt Island. The trip only takes 4 minutes and offers a spectacular view of Manhattan. It only costs $4 roundtrip and when you get to the island, there is a bus waiting for you to take you around the island. There are plenty of walkways along the water to look back over to the city.

These are just some of our favorite things to do but there are plenty more; Empire State Building and Freedom Tower for the view, Times Square for the endless scenery and excitement, Broadway for a kid’s show, and many more. There is always something to do and while the city can be overwhelming at times, it’s easy to escape and find something for the whole family. Here is a great site to familiarize yourself with New York City’s layout. Once you understand how to navigate the city, it makes it much easier to plan ahead especially with kids. Have fun and let us know if you have any questions. We love our city and hope you have an amazing time while here!

As always thanks again for reading! Have an amazing week!

Olivia, xo


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