How to Navigate the Job Market While Pregnant

Yesterday a follower sent me a DM asking for resources for pregnant women in the workforce that are actively being recruited. This particular follower is almost 7 months pregnant and was contacted about some awesome job opportunities. How do you navigate the job market while pregnant?

Her concerns include not qualifying for short-term disability or FMLA and being unsure of how to handle that. She’s also unsure of how to address her pregnancy with these companies. Address it before the interview? Walk in and let them see for themselves?

This really struck a chord in me. While I wasn’t in her exact position when I was pregnant with Sebastian, I made some big decisions regarding my own career path. I even thought about going back to corporate for a brief period of time after having him. I’ve had so many amazing opportunities and it’s important to take advantage of the ones that come our way.

Reaching Out

I shared this message with my followers asking for any insights and tips. I’m so honored to have a community that was ready and willing to help. I’ve gathered up all of the responses and I’m going to recap them here in the post. I’d also like to thank everyone that responded with the amazing feedback and support.

Go For It

The responses were overwhelmingly positive. Many women shared their own personal experiences of being in a similar position. One key piece of advice that acted as a reoccurring theme is to be upfront. If a company wants you, they want you. Also, this can act as a good litmus test on whether or not this is the kind of company you want to work for. Companies like Microsoft and Facebook have actively recruited and hired pregnant women. One follower suggested working with the recruiting firm Citi Staffing in Midtown here in NYC. The Mom Project is another great suggestion for women looking to make a change in their current job.

Does it Work For you?

You’re going to treat this like any other job search in some ways. One tip I liked was to go to the interview and figure out if it’s even a good fit for you. Don’t lose sight of making the best choice just because you’re nervous about your situation. Bring your negotiation skills to the table. One follower suggested negotiating your start date to coincide with the end of your maternity leave depending on where you are in your pregnancy and the needs of the position.

I have one follower who is 9 months pregnant and is taking calls. She’s been very transparent about taking her 16-week leave but would still love to be considered. She’s even offering to reconnect within a specific timeframe. (Love this by the way!) She’s said that she’s gotten positive responses and it even gets them talking about their own families and forming a connection.

As more responses come in I’ll be sure to add to this post. I was overwhelmed with the amount of support being offered. There were a number of messages offering to be put in touch because they went through the same situation. So if you know of any resources for navigating the job market while pregnant, please share them in the comments below.

xo, Olivia


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