Our Travel Wishlist in 2019

Travel has always been something Matt and I have enjoyed doing together. There’s something really special about the shared experience of exploring new places and cultures with each other. Last year was a whirlwind for us. Most of the places we ended up going were more spur of the moment trips with little to no planning. We didn’t end up going to most of the places we had on our 2018 list. Some of the destinations we ended up going were for work and the rest for quick family getaways. This year we want to be more strategic with where we go and what we do at each destination. I would love to hear your thoughts on the places we are looking to visit. Where have you been? What should we do there? What are the best places to stay, eat, and take photos? So looking forward to hearing from you! Here they are…


It’s been over 4 years since we were last in Paris. We went as part of our delayed honeymoon and fell in love. It was freezing as we went a couple days after Christmas that year and then took a train to Amsterdam afterward for New Years. The architecture, food, wine, shopping, everything, what’s not to love? We are planning to go in the summer, perhaps for our anniversary. Where should we eat when we are there?

Mexico City

We have wanted to go here for a while now. We almost went last year for Day of the Dead, but we just couldn’t swing it last minute. Mexico is our favorite country and we have been all over the county except for Mexico City. Would love any recommendations? I hear the weather is amazing nearly all year long. I can’t wait to finally go!


I’ve never been. I know. We have always had to reschedule this trip for one reason or another. This year is the year. Being from the midwest, Florida was always a top destination for vacation growing up but never made it that far south. We’ve been to Sarasota and Clearwater with Sebastian so Miami is our next stop. I can’t wait to experience it for the first time! Any and all recommendations are appreciated!


Matt has been wanting to go here for the last couple of years to shoot photos. We are planning to rent a car and take the Jungfrau train through the Swiss Alps. We’re debating whether to go in the fall or first part of winter. The towns we are planning to visit are Lauterbrunnen, Gelmerbahn, Lucerne, and hopefully more. Have you been to Interlaken? Would you recommend going there as well?

Peru (Machu Picchu)

We love South America and wanted to do something a little adventurous this year. Everything we see and hear about going to Machu Picchu sounds perfect for us. This is something we are both really looking forward to experiencing. Not to mention it’s one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Has anyone been? How should we get there?

Cartagena Fashion

Buenos Aires

This is another spot in South America we would love to experience for a few days. Hopefully, we will be able to stop there before or after Peru. We shall see. I hear it has an amazing culinary scene. Side note; there is a great spot in the East Village called Buenos Aires.


It’s close. We have never been and it would be a great long weekend trip. After our trip to Quebec City, we realized how much more of Canada we want to see.

Palm Springs

Last year we had so much fun at Coachella. It was our first time in Palm Springs and we plan on going back. We want to take Sebastian with us this year. It is such a beautiful place and super relaxing.


This will be our longest trip of the year staying for a few weeks. Matt and Sebastian have never been and it’s going to be so much fun to experience a few different islands. We will for sure spend time on Oahu and Kauai. A few of the places we want to go are Kualoa Ranch & Nature Reserve, Napali Coast, and the Haiku Stairs. What are some things we should do with Sebastian while we are there? I’m so excited about this one!

Your Travel Wish List

Here are some of the popular responses when asked where you’d like to see us go this year.


And these are the popular places you’d like to visit this year when I asked last night.


What’s on your travel wish list this year?

Thank you so much for following along and for all your recommendations! Have an amazing weekend.

xo, Olivia


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  1. Alexis wrote:

    This is a great list! I honestly don’t know where to go this year. I travel for work every week, so it’s beginning to be all the same for me. Eat, drink, check out touristy things. Would love suggestions on how to make a vacay more exciting!

    Posted 1.12.19 · Reply
  2. Kimberly Bertz wrote:

    If (when) you go to Peru, there are so many great options to highlight! Culinary scene in Lima is really hot right now. Hotel Country Club in San Isidro is very colonial / old world style that would be a beautiful backdrop for photos. In Cuzco, Hotel El Monasterio is top notch. In addition to Macchu Picchu, Puno and Lake Titicaca (which means “profound blue” in Quechua, and it is because it’s the highest altitude lake in the world) are absolutely must see; stop there for 2-3 days on the way back to Lima from Cuzco. There are reed islands and the Los Uros people who live on the islands, and it is breathtaking. There’s a hotel on an island in the middle of the lake, used to be a Casa Andina property (not sure if it still is) that is very cool. Everyone visits Macchu Picchu for good reason, but Lake Titicaca is special and unique in its own way. Very easy to fly within -and to – Peru on Latam, though their customer service is super spotty. So many great options!

    Posted 1.12.19 · Reply
  3. Don’t hesitate to contact me where you are in Paris, I will be so happy to see you there.

    Me I Liked Miami when we gone there.


    Posted 1.14.19 · Reply

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