3 Underrated Accessories for Winter

Most people think of winter accessories and thick gloves, snow boots, ear muffs, hats, etc come to mind. When temperatures get frigid, these are the items we all reach for. This post is about the items I use every day regardless of what it’s like outside during the winter. They’re not necessarily the typical items you think of but I always reach for them on my way out the door. I consider these the final pieces to my look during this time of year. These are my 3 most underrated accessories for winter.

Travel Scarf

Scarves are a typical winter accessory but I love a good travel scarf. They’re oversized and provide lots of layering options. You can convert them to into a wrap or tie them in a multitude of ways. I prefer cashmere travel scarves. They add a bit of luxury as well as warmth. They’ll last you a long time if you take care of them properly.

Structured Bag

I’m a fan of structured bags every day of the year but during the winter a sturdy bag is the perfect accessory. Even though I like to minimize what I’m carrying around with me, I seem to leave home with more this time of year. Transitioning from the chilly outdoors to a heated building can make dealing with all those layers tricky. Being able to stick your scarves and gloves etc in your bag makes life a little easier.


This is an accessory most equate with summer but the truth is, it’s one that’s needed all year, even in winter. Sunglasses are not just stylish but also extremely practical. They help shield your face from winter winds. It’s also important to keep in mind that your eyes still need protection from UV rays even during the shortest days of the year.


What’s your favorite underrated winter accessory?

xo, Olivia

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    Love a good pair of sunglasses!


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