How We Spent Our Thanksgiving in NYC

The holidays are a time to focus on family and the things that are important in life. Thanksgiving was special for us. We stayed in the city and celebrated it with our little family. It was just me, Matt, Sebastian, Batman, and Kitty. While we missed our families, there’s something to be said about a cozy Thanksgiving meal. We had some kitchen bonding time preparing our meal and watching Sebastian play. I was excited to test out some of our new kitchen gear thanks to our partners at Perigold.

Normally we try to make it back home for holidays. This year we decided to fly back the following day to get in some family time for the long weekend. When I started to plan for our Thanksgiving I realized there were a few things we were missing and a few things we needed to replace. I was excited to partner with Perigold to help make our meal a success. Now that we’re better prepared maybe next year we’ll host a few people.

Options with Service

One of the first items on my list was a buffet. Storage is at a premium here in the city. I needed something that not only looked great but was functional. Perigold had a ton of premium brands to choose from. This 4 drawer buffet table was just the solution. It’s available in both black and white. One of my favorite features is the free white-glove delivery service. I can’t explain how amazing this service is. The piece is assembled and they place it where you want it. It was such a stress-free experience. If you need additional help in making the perfect selection there’s also a concierge service available at no additional charge.

Making the Meal

Having the proper tools to make a Thanksgiving meal can make a world of difference. I’ve been wanting a new set of pots of pans for a while now. It can be quite the investment. It really does make a world of difference in cooking a large meal. I went with a 10-piece copper core cookware set. In this set, I was able to get the heat conductivity you find with copper and the convenience of cleaning stainless steel. They’re also dishwasher safe. I also picked up an enameled cast iron dutch oven. This was perfect for making a number of sides. I love that it can go straight from the oven to the table. To make things even easier, your leftovers can then be stored in it whether they’re going in the fridge or the freezer. It’s also dishwasher safe.

Enjoying The Meal

The best part about cooking is enjoying the meal. Even though it was just us this year I wanted to pick up a few serving items.  I hope to host a few dinner parties over the next few weeks too. These will also come in handy next year as well. I picked up this cocktail appetizer plate set that’s perfect for Thanksgiving and any fall event. Thanks to the quality of brands that Perigold offers, I know I can use these for years to come. This serving tray is also perfect for fall. I also grabbed another one that I can use through winter into Christmas.

Our Thanksgiving was a success. It was filled with lots of food and love. I enjoyed adding this memory to our home. I can’t wait to add even more, sitting around the table enjoying each other’s company.

xo, Olivia

This post was sponsored by Perigold.


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