White Elephant Gift Guide

The holidays are filled with lots of events and parties and can lead to a pretty packed schedule. One popular feature of holiday parties, whether it’s with friends and family or at the office, are secret Santa and white¬†elephant gifts. This is your chance to have a bit of fun with your holiday shopping. For white elephant gifts especially, you can make it funny¬†or something that everyone will want to steal. Since this game is so popular with work-related parties, it’s best to keep it tasteful. I’ve included some fun and coveted options below that will have everyone talking about your gift.


Amazon Echo Dot // $24.99

This is the prize everyone will want to steal. Take advantage of the sale to get a great price and stay within budget. You might even want to get one for yourself!

For Laughs

Golden Girls Monopoly // $31.90

Thank them for being a friend with the combination of a classic tv show and game. Honestly, this might end up being one of the more coveted items.


xo, Olivia

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