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What makes a classic a classic? I talk about wardrobe essentials and investments but there are certain clothing items that go beyond that. A classic is a piece that truly stands the test of time. These are the ones that you can build your closet around. They’re effortlessly chic and polished and will be for years to come. I’m partnering with Ralph Lauren to showcase their menswear-inspired classics. For my Corporate Catwalk followers, these are the pieces you wear to the office for fall.


The details in a design are an important part of what distinguishes a great piece from a classic. For instance, this Pinstripe Wool Dress features a pattern often found in men’s clothing. However, the way in which it’s used makes all the difference. If you look closely, you’ll notice the stripes have been used strategically, in addition to the silhouette, to create a flattering and feminine fit. This is a dress that will look great on just about any age and will stand the test of time.

Other details to look for are traditional designs with a twist. A crisp white button down shirt doesn’t get more traditional. However, the detailing on this top here with dropped shoulders and puffed sleeves turn traditional into a modern classic. This can be worn styled a few ways and is sure to elevate whatever piece you pair it with.



Quality is part of the foundation of a classic. After all, a classic is meant to stand the test of time and without this vital component, items will constantly cycle through your wardrobe.  So you often hear the terms like cost per wear when it comes to investing in pieces and this is something to take into consideration. If you’re going to invest in your clothing, a classic piece is where you want to do it. Do your research, go with a brand with a good reputation like Ralph Lauren, and look for the use of quality materials.

Outerwear is usually a good place to start especially during fall as it carries into winter. I love this Double-Breasted Wool Coat. It’s made from a soft wool blend that’s not only going to keep you warm but it looks luxurious. The gold buttons offer that perfect detail I talked about above. The fit is elongated giving it a more a distinctive look and feel. When you put this coat on you can really feel the difference in everything from the quality of the closures to the seems in the lining. This Italian Wool Blazer is another example of a piece made with quality materials. It also has that same beautiful pinstripe design as this dress.

Ralph Lauren is an American classic. The pieces are timeless, elevated, and elegant. These are the types of clothes you can put on and feel instantly confident as you walk into work this fall.

What’s your favorite menswear-inspired look for the office?

xo, Olivia

This post was sponsored by Ralph Lauren.


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