3 Ways to Wear the Matching Suit Trend

The matching suit trend is one that’s near and dear to my heart. While this may not be a trend for those in corporate, it’s everywhere this fall regardless of job title. You can find them in every color, print, and price point. They’re also in pant sets and skirts. I love seeing this corporate style staple go mainstream and everyone’s take on it. Here are three ways to wear the matching suit trend.


Traditional styling happens for a reason. It’s classic, timeless, and never goes out of style. A matching suit set doesn’t have to be stuffy. You can add modern and individual touches to avoid this pitfall. This can be done through your accessories or even the blouse you choose. This styling is, of course, appropriate for work settings and probably one of the more natural ones for my Corporate Catwalk followers.

Unexpected Twist

This is showcased with how I styled my matching suit for this set of pictures. A great graphic tee paired with the right suit is one way to put a twist on this trend. Sneakers are another way many have been toning down the otherwise formal nature of menswear-inspired suits. This is where you can get creative and expressive. This is where fashion gets fun.

Break It Up

You know what’s great about a matching suit set? You can break it up to get double the wear out of it. Take the blazer and pair it with jeans. You can take the trousers or skirt and wear it with a sweater. A lot of retailers are capitalizing on this trend by selling both pieces together as a unit. You can get a little extra bang for your buck. Turns out you can utilize the matching suit trend by not wearing it. How many trends can you say that about?

This for me isn’t just a trend but something you will always find in my closet. Will you be wearing a suit outside of the office? If so, how will you be styling it?

xo, Olivia

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