7 Must-Try Trends for Fall

Matching Suit Sets

This is an easy way to not only look put together but it’s an instant confidence booster. There are tons of options available right now in different colors, patterns, and cuts. There’s something for everyone. These matching suit sets aren’t just for the office either so don’t be afraid to wear them in unexpected ways.

Red (My Favorite)

I love making a statement and red is all about that. I love wearing a bold lip and do not shy away from a bold color like red. There are lots of hues you can play with but this color is the perfect color to make a statement in. You can go for a head to toe look or mix in one piece to make it the focal point.

All The Plaid

It’s usually not hard to find plaid during fall but this year, it’s front and center. It’s been added to some of the most stylish silhouettes and accessories. It really is a classic print that pairs beautifully with the bold color of falls. You’ll see a lot of this print on menswear-inspired looks as well.

Something Purple

When most people think of fall, purple usually isn’t the color that comes to mind. However, it’s everywhere this year. Embrace it and mix it into your fall wardrobe. It’s a color that can add a little something unexpected to a typical fall outfit.

Animal Print

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen animal print on trend like this. There are so many different ones to choose from so feel free to pick your favorite one! If you’re not quite ready to make a bold statement, start off with an accessory or shoe to introduce the trend to your wardrobe.

Midi Skirts

As far as I’m concerned midi skirts will always be a good idea. However, this season I’m seeing a lot of them, especially pleated midi skirts. They’re the perfect skirt for the transitional nature of fall weather. In early fall temperatures are starting to cool down but aren’t quite cool enough to completely bundle up just yet. The midi offers a nice compromise and gives you versatility whether you’re dressing for work or the weekend.

Add Sparkle

There are so many ways you can take part in this trend whether it’s full-on sequins or statement jewelry. I’m seeing a lot of cozy knits paired with sequin skirts. This is a trend to have some fun with and you can adjust the sparkle accordingly depending on the occasion.

Would love to hear what you pick up from the Shopbop sale! Share in the comments.

xo, Olivia

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  1. Jandrew wrote:

    Great 7 choices, love the sparkle! The red plaid and animal print are such great classics.
    Dress The Part

    Posted 10.2.18 · Reply

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