New York Fashion Week with Mary Kay

For New York Fashion Week, I had the privilege of partnering with Mary Kay. I attended the Nicole Miller presentation showcasing the Spring/Summer 2019 collection and I even got a peek backstage beforehand. It was an amazing experience. The clothes, the hair, the makeup – all of it was stunning. There’s something truly inspiring about being around that level of creativity and talent.

Mary Kay Ash

I have admired the Mary Kay brand for as long as I can remember. Mary Kay Ash launched this company in a way that gave countless women a path to financial independence and a career. With my own background in sales, her story resonates with me. It’s women like her that helped pave the way for so many female entrepreneurs. It’s inspiring to say the least. She’s definitely someone I would have loved to have met but her legacy truly lives on.

Getting Ready

I was beyond excited to get ready for this event. There were two products that I knew I needed for my look. Mary Kay recently launched their Precision Brow Liner and their Volumizing Brow Tint. I’m a firm believer, as many of you are, that your eyebrows can make or break your look.  The Precision Brow Liner comes in 5 shades. The liner is retractable and doesn’t require any sharpening, which makes it super easy to use. The fine point allowed me to easily line and fill in my brows exactly where I needed.

The Volumizing Brow Tint comes in 4 shades. The brush has bristles that deposit tiny fibers that will cling to your existing hair to help fill in sparse brows. It helps undo years of over-tweezing in a matter of seconds. This in tandem with the liner hit some major brow goals.

The Total Package

With the guidance of Luis Casco, Mary Kay’s Global Beauty Ambassador and Lead Makeup Artist for the Nicole Miller presentation, I grabbed a few more products to help in creating the perfect look for the event. I used the TimeWise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation. This foundation is infused with vitamin E and peptides. Upon application, I immediately felt a difference in my skin. Even though it packs a powerful punch, it doesn’t feel too heavy. To further enhance the foundation and set my look for the evening, I used the Translucent Loose Powder. It left my skin feeling soft instead of dry like some setting powders. On my lips, I used the Lip Liner in Red. It went on smoothly and was so creamy. It’s retractable with a built-in sharpener cap for your convenience. I loved how the look turned out and if you all have a chance, go check it out over on The Daily Front Row!

Easily one of my favorite parts of the evening was getting picked up in the amazing new Mary Kay Mini Cooper career car. I can’t begin to tell how badly I want one now. I sat in the back, which was all decked out in pink and everything Mary Kay in celebration of New York Fashion Week. It was a mobile beauty salon as I got a chance to do some final touch-ups prior to arriving backstage for the Nicole Miller show. This was definitely an evening to remember with a brand I’ve loved and respected for years. If you have yet to check out their latest products, head over to or contact your local Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant for more information!

xo, Olivia


This post was sponsored by Mary Kay


  1. olivia wrote:

    very stylish and unique dress looking so beautiful 🙂


    Posted 9.21.18 · Reply
  2. Stacy wrote:

    thank you for giving us a review and a shout out to the Mary Kay brand and “inside look” at the new Mini!

    Posted 10.27.18 · Reply

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